IMG_3607MaleBasics has released the new Neon Collection. The Neon collection is a super fun line that has a black base with a neon pouch and waistband/trim. Which makes these colors POP. I love the colors they choose because they aren’t over the top, bright day glow colors. The colors are blue, fuchsia and yellow. Here is what MaleBasics has to say about the collection:


“The collection includes Briefs, Mini Shorts and Jockstraps. We have used a new Microfiber that lets the light go through to reveal a hint of skin without being see-through and refined every piece with details in Neon Colors, following our mandate to make confortable, high quality and classy underwear.”


The collection is the first big release from Male Basics since the Spot Collection. I think they have outdone themselves. Its simple but have a bold element with the neon colors. Each pair has the signature waistband that is black with MaleBasics in the neon color. The brief and mini short have a pouch in the neon color with matching leg trim. The jock is a bit different and has a solid black pouch with the same waistband but the legs straps and trim around the pouch are in the neon color.


I love the jock for the leg straps. The thicker straps in the matching neon just sets it off for me. I think they did a stellar job creating it. MaleBasics put their own spin on the jock. Its simple but a lot of fun.


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