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Over the last few months a few of the underwear stores have closed. The most recent are the Rufskin stores in NYC and Miami. It got me thinking, shopping for underwear is a big joy of mine. I love to go to a store and see the undies and feel them. It’s way different than shopping online. I”m not saying I don’t shop of line but when you get an underwear speciality store its worth spending some time browsing.

I first started shopping for underwear here in Atlanta at the Boy Next Door. They had a wall full of underwear and swimwear. I was in heaven. I would spend an hour in the store looking at everything new. This also was the time before many blogs on the net like UNB. (Yes I am dating myself). I got introduced to many brands I have never seen before. At the Boy Next Door I found Go Softwear, Baskit, Praipewear, and more. Many of them now are out of business.

Most of the specialty underwear stores are in bigger cities. Most smaller cities really don’t have the regular market to support a men’s underwear store. Which is sad. I know many of you reading this may have never been in a men’s underwear store. This is something we need to change.

Why don’t guys shop at a store?

1. Prices are higher in a store – The first thing you need to know about an underwear store the prices are often higher than those on the net. They have overhead of rent, employees and such to cover. A retail space is much more expensive than warehouse space. Internet you don’t have to do display the product or staff during certain hours. You can work anytime online.

2. I’m embarrassed to go in a store – Many guys are really embarrassed to go in a store and buy a thong or skimpy undies. Underwear is a personal being decision and they don’t want others in the general public to know what they like. They think the person behind the counter will judge them. Speaking from experience that person really doesn’t care and has seen people buy everything. In fact you can get more recommendations from that person you may not have thought of!

3. I can judge a pair of underwear online – While this one is mainly true. There are pairs that don’t convey well in pictures. I have seen many pairs at Magic that photograph horribly but when you see them in person you are like, “OMG this pair is amazing.” This also goes for fabric. If its a newer fabric until you get it the first time can’t judge it on line.

4. Someone I know may see me in the store – Well if they are in an underwear store shopping and see you. Well you’re both there for the same reason, amazing underwear! So what your friend seen you with that Clever thong or Cellblock 13 Jock. I bet if you look at what they are buying it’s equally as revealing.

I’m not saying abandon online shopping. I am all for a great sale on a pair of undies. Who out there can afford to buy full price all the time? Not me! I do it but if you’re close to a store mix up your purchases. Frequent the store and see the new stuff they get in stock. Give them advice on what you want in the store. If customers are asking for it, stores will carry it.

I am long over due for going into the Boy Next Door here and will go soon. So next time you are in the vicinity of an underwear store go in and check it out!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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