Summer is here and have you already bought your swimwear? If not and are extremely bold maybe you should check to the new LA Blazer G. Which is a swim thong N2N Bodywear released in their 2015 collection! Swim thongs are slowly making in roads to the US. I have seen more in the last two years than in the last seven!

There are some things you need to know about this pair. First thing is and this is a big DUH, it’s a thong cut. So there is no back to this suit. See the picture above. If you plan to wear this in public make sure you check local laws and regulations. Not everywhere is super thong friendly.

Next the pair a built in C-Strap. Meaning you will be showing off everything you have. It will push your business up and out! So don’t be surprised that you get looks and stares and not just from the back! This pair is made for the guy who wants to show off big time.

Lastly is this pair has a built in draw cord. So you won’t have to work about this falling off while being active in it. Most of the swim thongs I have seen don’t have this feature. So for some of you this maybe a plus and others it maybe a minus.

The colors available are Charcoal/Orange, White/Royal and Black/Red. The second color is the pouch color and the first color is the body color. This pair retails on the N2N Bodywear site for $42


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