Hooked-AmbianceToday is Fetish Friday! The entire day we have profiled some awesome fetishwear! It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t profile one of the best companies making fetish wear, Gregg Homme! They make gear that is super sexy and amazingly comfortable! Just about anything they sell you will be able to wear under a suit to work all day and forget you have something fun on!

We are profiling the Hooked Collection. Why? Because it’s super hot! Harnesses are huge right now, more and more companies are coming out with them. The Hooked collection as said by Gregg Homme: ”

Strap yourself in for a wild ride! This risqué gear will shock and arouse your partner with its thick leather bands, firm metal loops and buckles in both front and back. Whether you dabble in dominance or submission, the HOOKED collection will fit your lifestyle like a glove.” It’s super sexy

Gregg homme hooked harnessThe line consists of the Hooked Harness and Thong. The Harness “Thick 1.5″ faux leather straps are lightweight enough to be fun, but sturdy enough to show you mean business” Its the look of leather with out the sometimes constraining fit of leather. This harness is in the bulldog style of harness that just fits over the shoulders. There are four adjustable buckles in the front that you can adjust to fit in any size guy! It retails for $93.95

Gregg Homme Hooked Thong

The Hooked Thong is the perfect match to the harness. The Thong “features a thick 1.5″ faux leather waistband secured by a sexy 2″ metal hoop that sits above a suspended drop pouch.” Like the harness this has two adjustable buckles on each size ti make sure you have the perfect fit. The Thong retails for $51.95

Find these and more at the Gregg Homme Site.


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