The one thing about Candyman that has made it super fun are the costumes. I remember back in about 2010/2011 when they first came on the scene the Cowboy costume was one of their best sellers. It was a cross between underwear and fun wear! It also made the rounds on the Halloween circuit. For that matter many of the Candyman Costumes have been worn to adult parties and bars every Halloween.

Over the last few collections they didn’t update the costumes too much. They had a few new ones but this year they have added Six new costumes. Some are tame and others are dare as you bare! Here are the new costumes.

99108(1)99108 Sailor Costume Outfit – $32.48

99149(2)99149 Mechanic Outfit – $39.48

99150(2)99150 Mechanic Outfit – $37.48

99151(1)99151 School Boy Outfit – $30.48

99153(1)99153 Police Outfit – $33.48

99159(3)99159 S&M Outfit – $39.48

Find these and more at the Candyman Fashion site!

NOTE: UNBTim does consulting work for GDD World/Candyman Fashions.



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