Why n2n makes amazing fetish wear

The world of underwear has changed greatly since you launched N2N. Just recently guys of all orientations are loving erotic wear. When I was discovering my own love of underwear, I remember coming across N2N and was blown away by what you wear doing. You were one of the first companies I saw doing erotic wear.

N2N was founded in the late 90’s. What made you branch out into designs that were super sexy when other companies were making basic gear?

Growing up in Connecticut, I was always intriqued by sexy underwear and swimwear since I was can remember. You can thank my European dad for that! SO growing up wearing skimpy items was the norm for me even though it would get me ridiculed in the locker room or beach. I noticed that what I came to like wearing was a challenge for find at the time. THANK GOD for International Male in the 80’s…they were my source for inspiration and “porn” 🙂 The magazine reminded me that there was indeed and audience for sexy men’s wear and that there were guys out there that liked what I liked! I wasn’t such the odd ball afterall!

2007 model shoot 276

Erotic wear is in every collection, why is the erotic wear so entrenched in the N2N DNA?

Because I hate boring and dull. A pair of sweats or any other article of clothing can be practical and uninspirational or they can be designed in such a way that makes you take notice. Not trashy, but alluringly sexy. That’s my goal.

What was some of the first gear you created? What did you learn from this first line?

The very 1st items I ever designed was before N2N was even a thought. Of course it was sexy swimwear. During my unemployed 6 months in Orlando, FLA in 1990.

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One of the newest collections is the Ultra Suede, What inspires you to make new gear?

I am always looking for collections that inspire and push me outside of my comfort box. Thought I would take a somewhat fetishy item, which would typically be created out of leather or pleather and put my spin on it. Nice hardware, stretchy suede and some unique designs such as CHAPS…were all I needed to get inspired!

What qualities make for the best erotic wear? Is it cut? Fabric? color?

Cut and fabric go hand in hand. You can have a great pattern but if your fabric doesn’t stretch the right way, it could be pointless. and vise versa. The color is the icing on the cake but it also a very important obvious factor to the look.


The Black now Liquid Skins has been around for a few years. What have been some of your best sellers over the years in erotic wear?

And they are still going strong! The jock, singlet, muscle top and liquid skin runners are probably the most popular items!

If you could bring one collection back from the past, which would you most like to bring back and why?

Well, the truth is I usually ressurect 1 or 2 items from the past each year. I usually tweek and recolor them to give them new life.

I will be doing that with a series of swimsuits that will be called the “X COLLECTION”…OK, I’ve said too much.

2007 model shoot 056

Have you ever designed something and said “Oh my that’s gone too far?”

HA, yes…that usually just ends up in my sample box collecting dust…

2007 model shoot 184

Erotic wear used to be only limited to the gay world now straight guys are loving it. Why do you think guys are so attracted to erotic wear?

FINALLY, the straight guys are realizing that sexy clothes that show off the body are genderless….they are not “GAY” clothing. it’s about being comfortable and secure enough in their own bodies. The more celebrities or athletes push the envelope the more you will see the general public make the shift. It is happenening. The more women are accepting of it as well plays a big part. Basically guys or anyone for that matter don’t want to be made fun of , ridiculed or picked on. If we can all just get along and accept everyone for who they are, what they are and not let the clothes you wear define you, we’d be much better off. LORD, that’s what I’ve been doing for over 18 years!

We want to thank Andrew for giving us some of his time to talk about erotic wear! Find the current N2N Bodywear Collection, including the erotic line, at http://www.n2nbodywear.com


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