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When did you first discover your love of undies?

While I first truly discovered my love of underwear in early college, I can look back on several parts of my childhood that might hint as what was to come.That would probably be a whole post in itself, however. What really got me started was a simple question, that occurred to me in late high school with a not so simple answer: Why do women have a huge variety of choices when it comes to underwear, but not men? Little did I know that just beyond my knowledge, on the internet, was a whole world of men’s underwear, just waiting to be discovered.

What style was you favorite when you started to love underwear (boxer brief, brief, jock, thong or etc)

My early pair choices were influenced by a couple of things. First, I was looking for something vastly different than the boxers I wore at the time. I had no interest in briefs, and earlier experimentation with boxer-briefs had found them lacking. With that, I gravitated towards the skimpier styles, like thongs and bikinis. The fact that they were a few dollars cheaper than styles with more coverage, like boxer-briefs or briefs, made it easier for me to agree to an impulse by with my meager college student funds. Ebay was a very important resource to me.

When you bought you first pair of underwear what brand and style was it?

If I remember correctly, the first pair I purchased was a multipack of Hanes String Bikinis. I consider my true first purchase my Polo Ralph Lauren Thong. Both were purchased from, of course, Ebay.

What influenced your underwear buying habits when you first started your passion (catalogues, internet or friends)

When I first started shopping for undies, things weren’t as easy as it was now. Social Media was nowhere as big, and online retailers collections were far smaller. Quite a few of my favorite brands I might not have heard of if not for a chance comparison or recommendation in a review. I’m the kind of guy to read all through the reviews before they make a purchase, and because of that my early dream thong purchases to get were the CK Body and 2xist. Also, the sex appeal was undeniable. Even as a straight guy I was captivated by the front profile offered by thongs and bikinis. As mentioned above, I relied heavily on ebay to be able to afford or discover undies. Without the internet the most adventurous i’d be capable underwear wise would be mass market bikini briefs.

Are there any brands you had to have when you started buying? Did you ever get a pair?

There were always brands and pairs that I wanted, but due to my lack of funds either had to wait for lucky chance appearances of eBay, or never got them. The one I remember the most was from Papi. It was the Modern Stretch Bikini. By the time I had discovered it, it could only be found on eBay, for outrageous prices.
There were only a couple times where I truly thought to myself “I HAVE to have one of these!”. The first was my discovery of Ergowear. The second was the first time I laid eyes on N2N’s Tropic line.

Did your first pair still influence the styles you wear today?

While I have yet to utilize thongs and bikinis as daily wear, I still find it hard to not buy a nice looking one these days, even though I have about 40 pairs between the two styles. They are still certainly my favorites. My underwear journey has not been a straight road. There have been stops and starts. In the early going I wouldn’t wear my special pairs that often, going weeks or months in between wearings. Eventually, I didn’t wear them at all, and they languished in the back of my underwear drawers for years. In 2013 I came back to undies, partially due to twitter. I have rediscovered my love for undies, and it has increased. My collection has grown exponentially, and my wear habits have changed a lot since coming back into undies two years ago. I have ditched boxers completely for daily wear, and have started wearing briefs.

What is your favorite style today?

Today, I’d say my favorite style would be bikini briefs. They are just such a good compromise of form and function, sex appeal and comfort. They also are a good look on my slim frame. It would be trunks if they looked better on me, though.

 Who are you favorite brands now?

My favorite brands, if based on by how many pairs by them I now own, would be N2N Bodywear, and Ergowear. I also like 2Xist for daily wear pairs. Cocksox is also a favorite, even though I distinctly remember thinking of them as too skimpy when I first came across the brand.

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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