Screenshot (32)It’s summer, the sun is out (yeah, even in Seattle), the waves are rolling, and the beach is calling. And calling. And calling. Pick up the phone already!

So, now you’ve decided to go to the beach or pool and it is time to pick out a swim suit. Maybe you have one or two, maybe you have 5. And with swim suits more so than with underwear the different between styles is huge. Loose and baggy seems too frat-house. Perhaps short shorts is a good way to go. Speedos are fun but where is our confidence level now…

I want to tell you, get the suit that you WANT that you think will give you a pep in your beach walking step. If one catches your eye online and you start thinking that maybe it’s going to be too revealing or worry about how your belly will respond (I think that often) forget those thoughts! We all want to look good but in the end we all NEED to feel good. Go for it.


Have I always listen to this advice? Nope. I own a grey and orange swim thong that I have worn only outside of the US and I need to just wear it, because I want to. Yet, this summer when it came time to skip down to the beach. I did wear a new floral Timoteos speedo, it’s tiny and tight and I love it. I feel great and I am not currently in my best shape.

Speedo cuts aren’t for everyone and that’s fine. They shouldn’t be. If you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t force it. I own a couple of super cute short shorts. Like my white and mint Sauvage pair and they are just as cute as any slicked tight suit I own. And they have their place in my drawer and on any beach I choose.

Don’t hide in suits that you think you SHOULD wear, be out there in the suits you WANT to wear. Cocksox is out with a new line of suits and if they are anything like some of their underwear…be prepared to be bold. Timoteos has some extremely cute suits out, so do N2N, Sauvage, and many more.

I like to wear whatever fancies me that day, which is why I own a variety of suits. When I want to get out and get a cute tan line and have my booty pop a bit, yeah, I jump into my speedo. It just fits the mood of the day and that’s exactly what it should do. When I was a bit of a “cute and flirty” look that is more effortless to wear, I pull out my mint trunks. They are so easy to wear. So easy to never have to think about while I’m wearing them (one speedo needs some constant adjustment in the dernier region). And when I kind of want to shock those around me and be a bit of a spectacle, I pull out the thong. Even when it is just my friends in a hot tub in Whistler, it’s fun. Swim suits aren’t one size fits all. They aren’t one suit fits all moods, it all comes down to you and what you want, when.

I’ve been out to the beach a lot this summer (yeah, in Seattle, we’re heating up over here). I know what I love most about it all…my swim suit tan line, a semi lasting impression of the fun I had at water’s edge in a great suit.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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