It’s Jockstrap Wendnesday! Are you loaded and strapped today? If not we have to ask why not? One of those reasons could be that you aren’t a fan of a lot of jock pouches. Sometimes they can be tight and restricting and makes you uncomfortable through the day. If this is your main issue with jocks we have one that may fit your needs!

That jock is the Activeman Lycra Contoured Pouch Jock. Activeman is a brand well known for making jocks. They have been around for many years. When Bike stopped making the #10 widely available. Active man filled in the gap and created fun classic jocks in great colors. After that they moved into swim jocks and then to fashion jocks. Activeman knows how to make a jock.

This pair interested me because it’s made out of lycra and has a specifically designed pouch. Let’s talk about the pouch first. The pouch is 3D designed. Meaning it’s more ergonomically designed to hold you in a natural positon. Many classic jocks don’t always do hold you well. They can bind and strict your natural position.

The Lycra fabric is one of my favorites. I love the way it conforms to your body. It fits you very well and gives you ample support. I think more jocks should have this fabric. I remember way back when I used to see jocks like this and always wondered where they were sold. It just adds to the sexy factor to me.

The jock itself has a has quarter inch waistband with the same matching straps. I personally love the white color. It reminds me of a classic jock but has a new spin on the classic. It is also available in black and red. You can find this on Jockstrap Central for $14.95.

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