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It’s Jockstrap Wendnesday! Are you loaded and strapped today? If not we have to ask why not? One of those reasons could be that you aren’t a fan of a lot of jock pouches. Sometimes they can be tight and restricting and makes you uncomfortable through the day. If this is your main issue with jocks we have one that may fit your needs!

That jock is the Activeman Lycra Contoured Pouch Jock. Activeman is a brand well known for making jocks. They have been around for many years. When Bike stopped making the #10 widely available. Active man filled in the gap and created fun classic jocks in great colors. After that they moved into swim jocks and then to fashion jocks. Activeman knows how to make a jock.

This pair interested me because it’s made out of lycra and has a specifically designed pouch. Let’s talk about the pouch first. The pouch is 3D designed. Meaning it’s more ergonomically designed to hold you in a natural positon. Many classic jocks don’t always do hold you well. They can bind and strict your natural position.

The Lycra fabric is one of my favorites. I love the way it conforms to your body. It fits you very well and gives you ample support. I think more jocks should have this fabric. I remember way back when I used to see jocks like this and always wondered where they were sold. It just adds to the sexy factor to me.

The jock itself has a has quarter inch waistband with the same matching straps. I personally love the white color. It reminds me of a classic jock but has a new spin on the classic. It is also available in black and red. You can find this on Jockstrap Central for $14.95.

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activeman-elite-jockstrapMake room in your top jock drawer for your new favorite. Following the success of their Liberty Modal Trunk and Sports Briefs, Activeman set out to reinvent the fashion jock with the the Elite creating one of the most stylish, comfortable and affordable jocks out there.

The best news is they’r’re regularly priced at $14.95 but for the next two weeks Jockstrap Central is offering these jocks at an introductory price of $13.95.

Here’s the details:

The Elite jock has a contoured solid colored pouch edged in contrasting piping consisting of mostly cotton with a touch of Elastane to maintain shape, comfort and to provide a perfect fit.

Complimentary to the pouch, a 1 inch plushed elastic travels from the top of the pouch, parallel to the waistband, to the back and becomes the leg straps of the jock. To add an extra dash of style, those straps have a centered contrasting stripe running through them. Stunning.

With it’s luxury feel and stunning looks, the Elite will make work a bit more bearable and play a whole lot more fun. Jockstrap Central has the Elite in four fabulous colors combinations: black with white, white with black, red with black and our favorite, yellow with black.”


Activeman, a company known for it’s affordable traditional jockstraps, have broken into the men’s underwear market big time putting a guy’s unique anatomy and his comfort up front.

The Liberty Trunk is constructed of one of the most exciting new fabrics out there: Modal. Modal is a processed bio-based textile made from the beech tree. In many ways, a modal acts like cotton but with the advantages of rayon. It’s soft, smooth and breathes well. It is cool to the touch and very absorbent with a resistance to shrinkage. Modal is also less likely to fade or to form pills as a result of friction and stays soft through repeated washings. Of course, our favorite feature of modal is simply it’s stretchability and it’s nature to expand adapting to anything that may pop up!

The Activeman Sports Brief is constructed of a sturdy but stretchy cotton with a touch of Elastane for the ultimate fit. The fully formed and roomy ergonomic 3d pouch ensures the utmost in comfort for a guy.

This quality of underwear at this price is unheard of. The Liberty Trunk is only $14.95 and comes in both white and black. The Sports Brief is only $12.95 and comes in black, white and grey. If you’re looking for the perfect everyday underwear that’s totally affordable, stylish, comfortable and built to last then we think we’ve found it for you with the newly launched Activeman Underwear now at Jockstrap Central

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  New brand Maclovia is giving you 25% of the entire store until Tues Feb 7th. They also give you free orders in the US! We have a review coming up of the brand!

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  It’s been a while but coming soon there will be a brand new line of Dude Unlimited! Stay tuned and we will let you know when they will be out
   Activeman is proud to announce their new line of jockstraps and underwear! The new jockstrap waistband and leg straps are woven vs. the knitted band and leg straps that they currently use. Activeman has made two different styles, the first using their classic pouch and the second using their new nylon spandex pouch.  In my opinion, these new styles are Activeman’s most comfortable jocks to date. Also for the first time Activeman has launched an underwear line. The new line consist of two basic styles that come in three different colors. All of the new underwear from Activeman is very affordable, ranging in price from $12 to $18. Get yourself a pair today! Available at  His Trunks


Jockstrap Central have received a lot of suggestions about carrying a jockstrap with a roomier pouch so they mentioned this to Activeman – a few months later Activeman came up with a solution – BIG TIME!

The pouch of this sexy jock is contoured to accommodate the natural hang of a guys family jewels while still managing to lift them up and push them out for an amazing 3d effect.

This solidly constructed jockstrap consists of a heavy-duty smooth lycra pouch and double enforced one and one quarter inch waistband with matching one inch elastic leg straps. We’ve got them in solid white, solid black and a stunning red and black combination.

The only thing better than the style and fit is their incredible price. At $14.95, this is one fashion jock you’ll need to have in your collection.”


Jockstrap Central has dropped the price of the Activeman Raindow Pride Jocks! Here is what they sent us!


Just in time for some of the largest Gay Pride events here in North America, we’ve dropped the price of all Activeman Pride Jockstraps down to $14.95 USD (plus use the discount code below for another 10% off!)

There’s less than a month until some of the largest Pride event in North America which include New York (June 20 – 28), Los Angeles (June 12-14), San Francisco (June 27 – 28), Chicago (June 28) and our own here in Toronto (June 19 – 28) …and we have your outfit!

So, show your support by wearing a Pride jockstrap and like your jockstrapped rear end, let it all hang out.



If you’ll be in Toronto for Pride, be sure to visit the Jockstrap Central booth. It’s a great opportunity to not only meet myself and Adrian, but a chance to check out our entire collection.

Last year one of the hottest spots on Church St. was at our booth. We had countless guys walk in fully clothed and walk out in only their newly purchased jockstrap – considering there was no change room our booth was the center of attention all day long.

Although we don’t know exactly where we’ll be this year, I imagine we’ll be on Church Street, north of Wellesley again, but I’ll email you to let you know more closer to the event.

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Jockstrap Central has full colors in the Active Man Jocks:

Flarico has been manufacturing jocks since 1898 offering a top quality product for a no nonsense price, but until recently, your choices were white, white, or white. Taking a cue from SafeTGard, these classic jockstraps are now available in a full range of exciting colors. However, Activeman went one step further by adding a plush waistband and softer poly/cotton pouch design to ensure a more comfortable jock – equally good for the gym or as everday underwear.

These new Activeman jockstraps are available in white, black, red, navy, sky-blue, yellow, army-green, plus our favorite – an army-green pouch with a complimentary camouflage 3 inch waistband.

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