Thongs are now coming in may different hybrids. One of the most recent that comes to mind is the Jock Thong. Which I believe Andrew Christian made as well. Now he’s making the Blow Web Thong. What is that? It’s just as it says, the back is a web thong back!

Andrew Christian is no stranger to sexy thongs. Over the last few years thongs have been growing in popularity among guys. More and more companies are coming out with them. Andrew Christian has always done super sexy thongs. One of the most popular thongs has been the Spider Jock that has come out in a few collection. This pain has a full pouch, with the Blow waistband and straps in the back in the form the Web!

Here is what AC says about the pair:

With its unique and innovating thong style back and the addition of extra web strapping, our brand new BLOW! Web Thong Extra will flatter that ass like nothing you’ve ever seen. It features a slimming BLOW! Waistband for extra support and comfort for all day wear. Or all night. But, let’s be honest. You won’t be able to keep ’em on that long. When you pull them on, your package will fall naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience. Like all of your favorite Andrew Christian underwear, they virtually eliminate sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing and feature an anatomically correct pouch with fun snuggle fit. There’s almost too much to love in this limited edition new pair. Almost.

The pair comes in Black and Neon Yellow. It retails for $31.90 on the Andrew Christian Website.


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