IMG_0104What’s neon green, partially mesh, and went for a run in the park today?

My N2N Sheer Skin runners. Being a nylon/spandex blend these neon green runners definitely hug every part from ankles to waist, every part. That means that, well, they show. Really show. And why shouldn’t they? Even if the neon green wasn’t flashy enough and showy enough there’s always the peak a boo mesh tushy to show off. Let’s just say, there are things to see when wearing these.

So this morning I took off for a great local park with both tree covered trails and out in the open paths. And I took off wearing my runners and a cute neon pink tank-top because if you’re going to go bold, go BOLD. Now, the N2N runners don’t have a built in pouch so the fabric fits and cradles the goods to make its own pouch. At first it was nerve racking, seriously everyone that I ran past on the way to the park, at the park, and on the way home could see…everything.

There were looks and there were looks. And then, I just got into the rhythm of running. In the park I took both covered trails and open paths. I passed many other runners, some who glanced and some who just were focused on their run. Oddly, it was freeing, super freeing. No one said anything, no one objected or called me out and if they were thinking something they kept it to themselves.

This run was for me. To push myself to do something that I wouldn’t normally do. Before this part I had really only wore these runners with short shorts over them or just lounging at home. But hey, it’s Fetish Friday and I wanted to be adventurous.

Now, as far as the runners themselves go: They are super-hot, aesthetically. The nylon/spandex blend feels really great, very comfy. However, they don’t like to stay up very well. Now, I have a little bit of a white boy booty but I still found the runners trying to slip down over my cheeks. It would require a pull every so often, just to keep things up. Overall though this was a very freeing, very exciting, and very “out there” experience. Will I run in them again, of course 😉

R8-14-C R8-14-Full


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