HalloweenIts Halloween Time! There is one brand that has some amazing costumes, that brand is Candyman. I remember when they first came out and the Cowboy costume was all the rage. Each year they continue to release new costumes, and not just around Halloween.

But if you wanted to wear these for Halloween you could! I wouldn’t recommend them for a “family” party or with kids. If you were going to an adult party or a bar some of these could be a lot of fun to wear. I say this because some of these are skimpy and leave little to the imagination. For a bar this I bet is a good thing! So what costumes to they have this year?


First up is the 99108 Sailor Costume Outfit. As you can see its perfect for any sea voyage. The costume comes with the brief, hat and collar. The Sailor costume is $32.48


The next costumes come in two colors. The sexy mechanic is a sheer mesh body suit that just has coverage on the crotch.  its available on Blue and Black. the Blue is 99149 Mechanic Outfit is $39.48


The Sexy Mechanic in black is very similar but it has a black/white checker board stripe down the side. Just note that both of these are VERY see through. So unless you want to show it off, don’t wear it. The Black is 99150 Mechanic Outfit Multi-colored is $37.48


For men the School Girl is always a popular costume, but what about the School boy? Candyman has made a school boy costume that comes with the boxer briefs, suspenders and bow tie. The geek glasses are something you have to add yourself. The 99151 School Boy Outfit is $30.48

99152(3)Growing up how many of us wanted to be a police man? Candyman has two different costumes. The first is the 99152 Police Outfit. This one shows off a bit more! It comes with the boxer briefs, cap, harness and hand cuffs. These boxer briefs have a cool cut with a mesh back and you will be seeing your best assets! The Police Outfit is $39.48


The second 99153 Police Outfit offers a bit more coverage. Like the first one you get the cap and cuffs but this one is a brief cut rather than a trunk. These also feature a badge on the back of the pair. The Police outfit is $33.48


Maybe you want your very own 50 Shades of Grey in your bedroom our house. it all depends on what you want! The first is the 99157 that comes with a strappy onesie cuffs and a blind fold. The 99156 is $34.48


The next is the 99159. It features a mesh boxer brief with a lace up back and a black fake leather mask. It is perfect for an evening home. The 99159 is $39.48


The last is the 99161 is the same boxer brief as the 99159 but instead of the mask it comes with the fake leather cuffs. The 99161 is $35.48

These are the new costumes and we hope you have  great Halloween!

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting work for Candyman Fashion but the opinions expressed in this post are his own.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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