greatLace is one of those fabrics in men’s underwear that guys either love or hate. There is little in between the two. Lace is also one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear called Men’s Lingerie. It is designed to make guys feel sexy!

What lace are we talking about? We’re talking men’s underwear made of lace, not wearing women’s. Underwear specifically designed for men that just happened to e made out of lace.

We have asked a few guys to partake in this Debate. They are guys of all sexual orientations (from Straight to gay), it’s a good cross section of guys to have this talk with, we hope you enjoy it and will share with us your opinions on the questions.

Ok guys, When did you first notice Lace underwear on the market?

Tim3lordDavid: I first noticed Lace underwear in the fall of 2003. Having just started art college and already accepting my Bisexuality, I was already aware of sexy undies. However, This being my first time living away from home I was able too more feely shop for undies of all styles for men. I was well aware of the standard “sexy” styles (thong, bikini, and others). My first encounter with lace was in an adult store and saw them.

UnderwearDude: I don’t remember seeing any lace underwear during my first bit of time when I was buying underwear online, but I know i’ve seen them since ei’ve come back, so sometime around the end of 2010.

HornySimon: I heard about lace men underwear a year ago.

JIM: I think it was September or October of last year (2014). I was actually doing some research for a college paper and I was looking at a Chinese Wholesale website. I thought it was an Asian trend at the time but I am starting to see it more and more.

What was your first reaction when you saw lace underwear for men?

Tim3lordDavid: It was a whole new world of amazing that opened up too me. For the longest time I had always wondered why women always got the run of sexy styles and fabrics for underwear. So when I first came across them I honestly thought it was a joke, I was gladly mistaken. My heart filled with joy when I was able to get them for a fairly reasonable price ($20). As you may have guessed I was incredibly nervous and excited.

UnderwearDude: Probably confused, a little disgusted honestly.

HornySimon: I founded it very sexy .

JIM: I thought it was an Asian thing. I thought it looked a little too feminine. I didn’t find it attractive at all.

What did you like/dislike about the underwear you saw?

Tim3lordDavid: I absolutely loved the style (boy short), the feel of the fabric (much softer on the skin than cotton). The fact that they had a “pocket” in the front for men. A big plus for me was and is still “no real waist band”, I mean honestly not having an elastic strap around my waist (or at least less of one) is an amazing feeling. On a non-visual point. I also highly loved the fact that I could AT LONG LAST look and feel as sexy as I’ve always wanted.

UnderwearDude: It just looked weird. I’m so used to seeing women in lace, not men, that the images just felt unsettling.

HornySimon: I liked the look and the sexy style. I found it original.

JIM: The first style I saw was trunks. They were white and looked a little like the doilie teblecloths that my grandmother used to have on the end-tables in her living room. They looked very uncomfortable. It seemed to me that if they were a little too tight they would leave impressions on some very sensitive parts of the models.

On the bright side I did like the “peek-a-boo” effect that they offered. I got the feeling that if I looked close enough I would be able to see what was under them.

Have you tried lace underwear? If so what made you try it? If not why not?

Tim3lordDavid: Lace is one of my favourite fabrics I have in constant stock and use. I was always curious as too what that fabric felt like, after having seen many women in lace (and not being the kind of guy too wear ladies undies). So as soon as got the chance…I was all over that. Like a dream coming true.

UnderwearDude: I have not. I’m not interested in lace, it isn’t my thing. I prefer to see lace on women, not wear it myself.

HornySimon: Yes I tried it. I tried because I wanted some sexy original underwear. Just to know what lace feels like. And if I would like it. I like it a lot. Perfect to wear during hot weather season. Very comfy at home. And so sexy for a date night and bedtime fun.

JIM: There are two reasons I have never tried lace underwear:

1. As I mentioned above the idea of lace impressions being left on my junk after wearing them is not something I am interested in. I immediately think about when I was a kid and I fell asleep on the couch with my face on a corduroy pillow. Itchy, uncomfortable, and it took about 20 minutes to get the stripes off my cheek. I can only imaging what it would feel like after a few hours of having my parts pressed against intricately patterned lace.

2. I am not into man-scaping and I have unusually long hair. I think, in my case, it would be very unattractive to have hair poking out all over the place. Kinda like an X-rated Chia Pet in my pants.

Lace underwear comes in skipper styles such as bikinis, thongs and g-strings, is this a positive, negative or a non issue for you?

Tim3lordDavid: This is a huge plus for me! I’m a huge fan of all the sexy undies (mind you my personal least favourite would be the G-string) listed above. Mind you on there own they are alright, However too add lace is too mix my favourite things, lace and all things sexy…it’s like reaching Nirvana.

UnderwearDude: It’s a non issue. It makes sense to me that feminine inspired materials would end up mostly on feminine inspired styles of underwear.

HornySimon: It’s a positive thing I tried first with a mini trunk and now I have string, jock and lace boxer

JIM: The only style I have ever seen is trunks. I think lace in the other styles may be a bit too much. To each his own though. If somebody feels good wearing a lace thong who am I to tell them not to?

There is a whole debate about its too feminine for men. Some love mixing the masculine and feminine together. Do you agree that it’s too feminine, and why do you feel this way?

Tim3lordDavid: This debate is silly in my mind. Too claim that something is specifically made for either Masc or Fem men is an ignorant one. I feel that if you’re a body builder, firefighter, writer, poet, etc. You should feel comfortable in lace if you like. I say this as a proud Bisexual man, I would much rather be out and proud with no shame, or anything to hide. I’m not exactly the most masculine looking man but I am in my eyes a masculine man…who just so happens too enjoy lace as well as boxers.

UnderwearDude: I agree it’s too feminine.I’m okay with men wearing pink underwear. Many guys wear pink polos, so why not pink briefs? Besides, back before the 40’s pink was a boys color and blue was a girls color. I’m also ok with guys wearing more feminine inspired styles like bikinis and thongs. Heck, those are my two favorite styles! Having said that, I have to draw the line at men’s underwear with lace on it. Lace is simply to connected with the female form and identity. No matter how many times I see it, a lace men’s pair always looks odd or unsettling to me. Many straight men, when asked what they would want to see their wife/girlfriend in, might respond to the effect of “I don’t care, as long as it’s lacy.” the idea that lace=female has manifested quite hard in the average male’s subconscious, including mine. I’m okay with guys wearing lacy underwear, but really, if you are going that far to imitate women’s underwear, why not go all the way? I know there are good reasons for this compromise, as women’s underwear is obviously not designed for the female form, but I just feel that lace men’s undergarments is just too feminine.

HornySimon: Its not to feminine. Lace can be a men’s thing too when the design of the underwear still looks like a mens thing. That’s why I have black lace

JIM: I definitely fall into the category that thinks it’s too feminie. I like men to be men (even if they are gay).

Are men’s lace underwear often confused as women’s underwear? Or people think the guy likes to wear women’s underwear

Tim3lordDavid: I feel that men’s lace underwear is often confused for women’s underwear, the reason I think that this happens is because the social standards depict that anyone who wears lace should be a woman, cross dresser, or gay. Having too take into consideration that not everyone is as open minded as I would have hoped. The thought that some guys like to wear women’s underwear is not exactly a false one, However, yes…some men do wear ladies underwear. Just because a man likes lace underwear doesn’t mean anything about his character.

UnderwearDude: Considering that most likely the average woman would confuse more than half of my collection as women’s wear at first glance makes this a definite yes.

HornySimon: Some people confused it. They think I have women underwear fetish at first sight. But when I explain that my lace underwear are a men’s brand they understand and think its sexy and fun. Girls are dated find it very hot and sexy. Some dislike and think lace is just a women thing.

JIM: I think it is definitely possible to confuse lace mens underwear for ladies lingerie. I know if I opened up a dresser drawer and saw lacey things I would immediately think they belonged to the lady of the house.

Do you guys think sexual orientation plays into if you will like or dislike lace underwear? Why do you think this way?

Tim3lordDavid: I don’t think that anyone’s orientation, sexual or otherwise, has anything influence on the style or taste in a persons underwear. I feel this way because, as a Bisexual man the only thing that is affected by my orientation is the time it takes me too pick out underwear. What can I say, before I had my lovely wife too help me pick out undies…I would spend like half an hour just looking at the men on the packages. Hahaha. So, again. No I find it truly hard too believe that ones sexual orientation has anything too do with if you like lace or not.

UnderwearDude: I do think that sexual orientation plays into peoples opinion of lace underwear, to a degree. The gay community, as far as I have seen, is far more open to new and different underwear choices than the straight one. The only straight guys I could see wearing this are those who have a fetish for wearing women’s underwear.

HornySimon: No I thinks its just a open minded things. For men and women. If you are open engouth try it, like I did

JIM: In today’s more open society I don’t think it matters. As a white collar professional I like wearing unexpectedly revealing things under my business-casual office attire. There’s a little wink-wink to it. Doesn’t matter – gay or straight – the mystery of “I know something you don’t know” is kinda awesome

How would your partner or potential partners react to you wearing lace?

Tim3lordDavid: My wife is actually so supportive with me wearing lace that she helps me pick out lace.

UnderwearDude: I highly doubt many women like seeing their man in lace. I would expect a hearty laugh, or a demand to take them off.

HornySimon: At first it was my girlfriend who told me to try lace. In general girls find it very hot and sexy. I can say lace is a turn on for some girls

JIM: I actually asked… The answer I got was “Its too girly! I want a man. Not a girl with outdoor plumbing”

Do you guys think Lace will move out of the more fetish side of the market and more into the main stream? Why or Why Not?

Tim3lordDavid: I feel with the rate of people becoming more accepting of equal rights all around (race, gender, orientation, etc). With this acceptance on the rise I feel any man in the next few years at least, will be able too walk into a store and buy lace underwear with their partner. This is the idea, that buying lace underwear in the future will not be looked upon with shame or disgust for men but like nothing, like buying a candy bar.

UnderwearDude: I really don’t think so, due to topics above such as femininity, sexual orientation of wearers, and the long held ideal of women=lace. Perhaps someday, but not soon. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just highly improbable.

HornySimon: Yes it will when more guys will ask for lace and won’t afraid to wear it.

JIM: Yes. As things get more open in our society more and more men will become more and more comfortable with wearing something a little crazy underneath. Just because its a base layer doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I see lace as the next trend. With any trend though the question is how long will it last? Only time will tell on that question.

I want to thank the guys who participated in this post. We are going to have more guys talk about issues on underwear so stay tuned. If you want to join in on the conversation let us know!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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