Unknown-2The season of hearts and flowers is quickly approaching…Valentine’s Day. That means it is time to start looking for stuff for your special someone, and what better than getting them a pair of underwear. Well just in time just Valentine’s Day Aussiebum has released a line called Loverboy. The company has been doing special underwear for the most romantic holiday for many years.

Aussiebum describes the pairs as featuring iconic images of masculinity and turns them on their heads. I must say the designs on the underwear remind me of the Village People. There is a biker, a construction worker, a soldier, a cowboy, and an Indian. Each of the characters are drawn to look like cartoon versions of Cupid cherubs. The characters are then is provocative poses. The characters also have items like harps, bows and arrows, boxes of chocolates, and bubbles.

The design also features hearts and terms like “Lover boy,” “Valentine,” “Be Mine,” and “Kiss me.” The pairs come in two colors pink and light blue. They are perfect to give your man for Valentine’s Day.

The Loverboy underwear comes in three different cuts. There are briefs, hipsters, and boxers. The hipsters and briefs each are made with 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The pairs also have the traditional waistband you would expect to get on a pair of Aussiebum underwear. The satin-feel boxers are made of 100% polyester. The boxers have material that goes up and over the waistband to make it all look the same. There is a small tag on the front with Aussiebum written on it.

The briefs sell for $15.28, the hipster at $15.92, and the boxers sell for $17.19.

The Loverboy underwear would be a perfect pair to get your special someone this Valentine’s Day. A pair with a fun design and made by a great company that makes a quality product. The one thing I would recommend is not getting to close to candles since the pairs are mostly or all made of polyester.

You get the special Loverboy underwear on Aussiebum’s website. Aussiebum offers free shipping on orders, so it won’t cost extra to get these underwear for your special someone.


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