Hi UNB fans, you might not have seen me around these parts. I’m a newly recruited straight guy and I go by Undies Rock simply because they do!  I currently reside in LA, and I enjoy playing music and spending time with my girlfriend and beast-cat.  We often refer to her (soft, domestic, house-cat).  As a new writer, it is my goal to provide you with the most accurate reviews. Keep you up to date on coolest undies on the market, and maybe make you laugh (ok, grin) on the way.  I am looking forward to joining the UNB team and please follow me on Instagram @undies_rock where I’ll also post briefs (pun intended) about my reviews as well as all the cool undies I dig.  Here is a stab at my first review:

As an underwear fanatic it is always the hardest to choose a favorite pair of underwear because your taste is constantly evolving. You know somewhere out there, there is another pair that is going to steal the hot seat as your favorite. I say this because most recently I have fallen in love with JM Skinz thongs.  Never did I imagine I would be raving about how awesome a thong is, but that was before I tried a JM Skinz thong.

I have known about the JM Skinz thong for at least a couple of years, but I never pulled the trigger on them because there weren’t enough reviews to mitigate the risk of buying another dud pair.  As fate would have it, my girlfriend bought me two pairs of JM Natura thongs for our August monthly underwear exchange.  Which blew my mind, and I must admit that I was a little bummed that I hadn’t given them a chance earlier.  Since the Natura line was such a success, I thought I would try the Skinz line. Which is currently my favorite pair.  I love the simple classic thong design as well as the thin encased elastic waistband design (as I am not huge fan of thick branded waistbands).  But what really struck me about this thong is how incredibly comfortable they are.  I can easily go all day with these thongs.  For the most part I don’t even notice I am wearing them. They transition seamlessly from lounge, to work, to fitness.

I currently own a majority of the solid colored Skinz thongs, as well as a few plaid patterns.  The color options aren’t the most flattering or creative. I have come to appreciate the standard color pallet they offer which meshes well with everyday use.  JM is also one of the few brands I prefer to buy directly from their website (which they opened last year) because of the occasional deals they have (free shipping, discounts, 3-packs, etc.). You can also find them on mensunderwearstore.com.  The 86% polyester and 14% spandex microfiber fabric is incredibly smooth and soft. It doesn’t irritate, and has the right amount of give and support.  I have also washed my pair numerous times, and they have great shape retention.  The sizing is fairly accurate; I have a 34 inch waist, so I ordered a medium (32-34”) which fits perfectly.  I own 10 pairs and the quality control is spot on, so you can expect continuity in sizing.  One thing I will mention is that their Natura line tends to stretch out a little more than the Skinz, so I order a small.  The thong strap is 7/8” thick at its thinnest point, which literally disappears from your radar.

As I mentioned previously, I am not particularly blown away by the current color options, but I am content.  I am also not a huge fan of the center seam in the crotch.  Though this falls under the “nice to have category”, seamless fronts look the best to me which is a requirement for perfection.  Other than these two nit-picky cosmetic draw backs, this pair is a standout in my collection. If you are curious, I say go ahead and take the plunge because I assure you these JM thongs will not disappoint.

For those thong dudes out there, this pair is a definite must.


·       Incredibly comfortable fit and material

·       Great for all types of activities (work, exercising, lounging, etc.)

·       True to size


·       Standard color options

·       Center seam front


·       Fit –9.5

·       Sizing – 10

·       Construction – 10

·       Styling – 8

·       Performance – 10

·       Overall -9.5

Find the Skinz Thong on the JM Website for $20 Canadian


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. JM Thongs have been on my wishlist for quite some time. Been hearing good things about them. Sounds like I should just bite the bullet soon and order myself some. The underwear exchange with the girlfriend is a great idea. Have to suggest doing that with the wife, but probably less frequently.

  2. Got my first JM Skinz thongs and low rise briefs quite a few years ago and they both have remained a top favorite. The Skinz material is practically performance-grade, they hold up and are perfect for every occasion or activity. No matter what other brands and styles I try, I always come back to JM as the gold standard for fit and quality. I’ve just recently gotten some of the Natura line and you’re right, I go a size down on those in both the thongs and the low rise briefs. They had a couple great sales in December and I kind of went nuts – got some shirts and long johns and tried their Viscose items – every one of them is just an A+ in my book. The quality is perfection, the materials are top notch, when you order directly through their site you get professional fast service. If you want to look and feel great, try these and you will love them and soon enough you will dedicate a separate drawer to them! This understated Canadian company is quietly producing some of the best products you’ll find anywhere.

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