9806 _2_As underwear lovers and individuals, we all have our favorite styles of underwear. For some of you, your favorite is trunks or boxers. Then there are those who refuse to wear anything other than a brief. And then there are those of you like me who want something skimpy. That’s where jockstraps and thongs enter in the mix. I often go back and forth between jocks and thongs when deciding what I want to wear. If you’d asked me ten years ago, I would have told you jockstraps were my favorite – mainly because I always wanted to be an athlete, but never had the abilities or drive to be one. I suppose I equated jockstraps with dreams left unfulfilled. I always wanted to win Wimbledon, but could never get a serve in, so making the varsity tennis team was always out of the question. But that was ten years ago. While I still enjoy jockstraps and everything they have to offer, thongs are my underwear of choice (I am the Underwear News Briefs thong expert, after all!). For me, it’s hard to beat a low-rise thong with a good lift in the front and comfortable strap in the back.

If you’re like me and have a daily battle within of whether to wear a jockstrap or thong (seriously, it can be a bigger debate than a Presidential one), enter in the best of both worlds: the jock thong. When I learned it existed, it was almost as exciting as finding out I was going to see Olivia Newton-John in concert. Yes, I’m comparing the excitement of a jock thong to Olivia Newton-John. They are both way up there on my list of excitement. When I Google search jock thong, I find there are only a few brands out there making them right now: Andrew Christian, Jack Adams and PPU. Each brand has its own style, so it’s really up to you what you are looking for.

Jack Adams’ jock thong is sportier in style and reminds me of a C-IN2 jockstrap in design and fashion. However, it still keeps the great Jack Adams lines that will keep brand fundamentalists happy. It functions more like a jockstrap and less like a thong, so it keeps everything in place without a lot of movement. It features a thin strap in the back, which makes the thong likeness very minimal. You will probably not even notice it’s there. It is the perfect starter jock thong.

PPU’s jock thong is a little more erotic in design. It features cutouts in the front and reveals more skin than other jock thongs. It also has a fuller thong strap in the back, giving a full thong effect. The pouch is halfway between a jock and thong in size, which gives this jock thong less of a place in the gym and more of a place on a date night or special occasion.

Andrew Christian certainly has the largest quantity of jock thongs, as there are rotating styles, colors and designs. These jock thongs are bright colors and coordinate with lines like Blow! and Almost Naked. The jock thongs vary in design from great gym wear to great date-night wear. I have the biggest variety of jock thongs from Andrew Christian and find them all to be super comfortable. The fabrics are soft, and the thong and jock straps are both perfect, truly giving you the best of both worlds.

What’s to love about a jock thong other than just the general answer of everything? It combines the two popular types of underwear into one and gives the best of both worlds. You get the jock straps around your butt that helps to lift and give the great athletic feel most of us want when we wear them. Then you get the thong strap that reminds you that you’re wearing a thong, which for me, makes me feel sexy. Something about a thong gives me more confidence. Then you get the combination pouch that is almost halfway between a thong and a jockstrap. It gives just the right amount of lift without hoisting everything up to your bellybutton or squishing everything beyond recognition. You also get the jockstrap waistband, which is good because if you are somewhere you don’t necessarily want everyone to know you’re wearing a thong and your pants slip down a little, you have the waistband protection to not give yourself away.

I’ve always found something inherently sexy about jockstraps and thongs, and I’ve never thought enough men were willing to make the leap into thonghood. You know – stereotypes about thongs being too feminine, uncomfortable, etc. But maybe with the addition of the jock thong, more guys will be willing to give thongs a try. I know if I was already a fan of jockstraps and hadn’t tried a thong, I’d want to mix it up a little with something different, so it’s great to have something not the norm to give a chance to.


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