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Hey all, I’m Sam, and I go by Underweardude on twitter. I’ve been into undies off and on for about a decade now. I’ve been apart of a couple articles already.  Most recently being one of the two straight guys on the conversation about thongs.

The pair that is my favorite pair right now is my Ergowear Max Sauve Gold Bikini in blue. There is a lot to like here. As soon as I saw it announced, I knew that I had to have this pair. Just something about how the colors looked. That shiny gold waistband, bright and loud but also somehow understated.  If gold can ever be called that. It looks classy, not trashy.

I love the suave fabric(95%Polyester/5%spandex). Such a nice feel, but doesn’t feel feminine either like I imagine silk might.  The design is nice, very low rise.  The rear is big enough to stay still, the pouch of course is as good as Ergowear’s usually are.

Its very comfortable.  I did discover that after a long day the part of the pouch that lifted you up could get uncomfortable. A quick reposition made short work of that, and that only occurred once, after about 10 hours of wear in. Also, when first putting on the pair.  The pouch feels like it’s at an odd angle, but once the pair is fully on it feels fine and normal. The pair felt slightly small to me upon first putting it on, but fits fine. I’m not 100% sure of my true waist dimensions so I’m not sure how true to their sizing charts it is. I got the pair through being a part of the GDDWorld Ambassador Program. But I would have definitely purchased it myself otherwise. You can get it through GGDWorld, and also through Ergowear themselves.  I bet through more than a few more sites as well.

Basically, like all the other Ergowear bikinis i’ve tried, I can’t wait to wear this pair again. It’s comfortable and looks good on me. What more can a guy want?

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