Unknown-42The groundhog said we will be seeing an early spring this year. Some parts of the country are seeing warm weather while others are still freezing. Well for the people who are getting the warm weather, or just those who are hopeful the spring is around the corner.  N2N Bodywear has a new line of shorts that will get you in the warm weather spirit.

N2N has released the Euro Split Short. The pair reminds me of a gym class from the 1960’s with the short cut. The pair has an erotic split that is cut really high. This pair of shorts will be showing off your legs. So guys make sure you don’t skip leg day! Everyone will be seeing that if you have these shorts.

The shorts feature ultra-thin fabric that is translucent. You can definitely see through this pair, but not totally. Shapes will be visible but there will still be some mystery left for the person seeing you in the shorts. The shorts also feature a built-in, free floating pouch for your junk. It is nice they are including that because this is not a pair you could free ball in otherwise.  You will be exposed for sure. No that some guys would complain.

The Euro Split Short are made of 100% nylon. There are four different colors to choose from. There are red with white piping, black with dark grey, white with orange and red piping and blue with white and silver. All are nice combinations that add to the retro feel of the shorts. The N2N logo is on the left near the top of the slit.

These shorts are meant to show off your body that you have worked hard for. It fits in with the other styles N2N Bodywear is selling. All the styles are made to show off your body and make you look your best.

N2N Bodywear is a great brand that is made right here in the United States. That is a unique thing with many clothing companies. So buying these shorts will help make you look sexy while also helping out a company that is working to employ people right here.


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