Underwear-20150922Hey guys, Undies Rock here back at it with another review for the new Tommy John Move 360 sport boxer brief (furnished by Tommy John).  I’m not a huge advocate of boxer briefs. I have heard good things about Tommy John and I have yet to try any of their products so I figured I’d give them a shot.

First off, whenever I get a new pair of underwear one thing that always sticks out to me is the quality. Right from the get go I could tell that this was a high quality pair of underwear.  From the construction, to the material, to the waist band, everything was as solid as it could be.  They are definitely designed for athletic guys in mind to withstand the most rigorous activities and multiple washes thereafter.  Unlike the other boxer briefs I have tried, this pair provides substantial amount coverage.  The length of the leg sits a couple inches above your knee, and the waist sits at your navel.

The 84% polyester 16% spandex material is smooth and soft. It doesn’t feel cheap, and provides the right amount of support and flexibility.  It is also anti-microbial and anti-odor technology, which is great for athletic wear. The legs are constructed with, I would describe, as a traditional microfiber fabric. While the crotch and butt are more of a mesh (cooling zones) material for additional breathability. The material is offered in three standard colors: black, dress navy blue, and turbulence grey.  They aren’t the most flattering, but they are good for everyday wear.

One feature that impressed me about this pair is the strong yet soft and not too restricting tagless waistband. Tommy John is stitched into the front center of the waistband. While the remainder of the waistband is detailed with dashes.  Which I find adds an edgy vibe to a pair that would otherwise feel like traditional boxer brief.

This pair also has some unique features such as a utility pocket.  It’s reinforced around the opening lips for added strength.  I know it’s not a deal breaker when buying a pair of underwear, but this could be useful for stashing keys when on a run.  Also the opening for the crotch is from the top. Which makes it more functional compared to the traditional side entry.

To get a feel for the pair, I test drove them through a normal day at work.  The soft material and waistband maintained comfort throughout the day.  There were no pinch points or any exceptionally tight regions.  I have a ~34” waist and the medium I was wearing (rated for 31”-34” waist) felt true to size. Not too tight and not too loose.  One observation that I made with this pair is that I was constantly adjusting myself throughout the day. I think this may be true for most boxer briefs for me, so it might be a symptom specific to all boxer briefs.  The crotch has a lower center seam to aid the cupping effect of the pouch and give the appearance of a seamless crotch. Which is a huge plus for me.  However, I found the crotch to slide down throughout the day. Instead of the pouch providing support, it just pushed my junk against the side of my leg.  I knew I would start chaffing if I didn’t adjust, so I had to, which became annoying after awhile. For a pair that is advertised as requiring no adjustment, I was a little disappointed.

Currently you can find these directly from the Tommy John webpage for $34.  This may be a little pricey, but the quality is well worth the price. Overall, although this isn’t an ideal pair for me (I might dig them in a brief). I can definitely tell from the construction that this would be a perfect pair for athletic guys who prefer a modern kick to the boxer brief.


·       Solid construction

·       Soft, breathable fabric

·       Comfortable waist band


·       Pouch tends to slouch

·       Only three color options


·       Fit –6

·       Sizing – 9.5

·       Construction – 9.5

·       Styling – 8

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall -8

The Tommy John 360 Boxer Brief retails for $34 at the Tommy John site.


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