Hey all you fetish fantasticos! I hope you had a great week. Something really special to me arrived this week in the mail, but you will hear about that soon enough. This week, the hint (if you read last week’s post) was “WHISTLE”.

Did you guess correctly?

SINGLETS!!!!!!! (Whistle, like the way wrestling matches are cued…too vague?)

This week I wanna focus on a specific cut of singlet. The LOW cut racerback singlet. Essentially, what you get is a pair of booty shorts, with some pouch room up front, and then two suspender-like straps going up the chest, around the neck, meeting at the nape in a junction turning into one suspender strap leading to the back of the short.

n2n singlet
N2N PX Singlet

As for wrestling, it’s a pretty dumb outfit, but when it comes to ticking the spandex sexytime box, and the sporty sexy time box, it wins. A subtle design aspect of the suspender straps, also ticks the box that “The Notebook” style shirtless hunk in suspenders fits in (come on, don’t tell me a shirtless hunk in suspenders doesn’t do it for ya).

I have a lot of singlets, but only a few of these, it seems like most companies make ONE of these, rather than a whole bunch of different styles. What I love about this style is the way it lifts up the shorts on either side of your pouch, so you get a very nice “weighty” effect to your bulge (no complaints here). The back being racerback also allows you to show a lot of skin, and give a very seductive lead down to your tush.

manview singlet
Manview singlet.

In my arsenal, i own 2 from N2N Bodywear (2 different kinds of the PX singlet), and one from ManView (a sexy mesh one with neon blue bindings around the edges). I am getting a new one from a different company but it’s still in the mail right now. You will be hearing more about that once it arrives. So many exciting things to share, but can’t do it all at once.

So tell me, do you prefer your singlets higher cut, or are you into the super low cut style?

Tune in next week for more Fetish Friday. As I said, something arrived in the mail this week that I’m very excited about. You will hear part 1 of my excitement next Friday.

Until next time,

TtheAmazing over and out.


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