PQ150015 (2)

Petit Q Two Tone Lace Bikini – Furnished by Candyman Fashion

Rating: 7/10

Daily Fit: 6/10

Sizing: 6/10

Construction: 9/10

Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Sexy as hell, great color combo, fun, different and unique.

Cons: Small sizing, rough fabric for full day wear

Beau Briefs recommendation: Have these on hand for seductive play but not for daily wear.

As is generally the case, the brand name should have given it away, Petit. The first thing that is impossible not to notice is that sizes with Petit Q tend to run small. So the fit was already going to be an issue. It is always important to know and REMEMBER that there are some brands that you need to order up a size. Oops!

So because of the sizing I wasn’t going to be able to try these out for a day long trial, like I generally do. However, let’s be honest, this is not really a pair that one would generally wear for a full day. These briefs have a purpose and it’s not comfort in the office. Its purpose is so that when you slip into them to let someone know that they should “come and get it.” they are going to come and get it!

This is a sexy pair. A seductive pair. A unique pair. And I love a good, unique pair of underwear. It means that this isn’t a pair that every brand will have a variation of, this is specifically a Petit Q pair. The light black lace is beautifully done and punctuated by the yellow flower details. The moody and yet sultry color combination is alluring and fun for the eyes. Of course, it’s also very fun to get the peak a boo view of what lies behind the lace as well. Well hello there, mister.

Given the lace and fabric the pair would not wear the best throughout the day and is not advised. That’s the trade off, sexy check, seductive check, a bit scratchy sadly check. Again, think about slipping into these before a date or when things start to get exciting back at your apartment. The construction is solid and the pouch has a really good structure. For a pair that runs a bit small there is room in the pouch for the goods. There are firm seams around the pouch that create a nice

pocket. I  imagine that these same seams/piping that go around the butt would be supportive as well. Unfortunately they cut across my bum because of the size and I cannot fully know.

If you’re a fan of what Petit Q has done in the past. If you’re a fan of the linen and lace type of look. Or if you want to branch out and have a totally unique pair to play in then this could just be the pair for you.

Brand: Petit Q

PairPQ150015: Two Tone Lace Bikini

Colors: Black & yellow, black & blue

Fabric: Lace

Sizes: Small – XL

Cost: $25

Furnished by: Candyman Fashion


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