“READY, SET.. VAVOOM! After the huge success of the first Vavoom, 2EROS has introduced Vavoom Lightspeed! It is designed with sharp and bold lines to accentuate your pelvis line to give you the ultimate slim line effect.”

Who’s ready for some super hot undies from 2EROS? The VAVOOM hit the market last year. The Red/Black/Green color block really was a hot combination. Every pair just popped! 2EROS is about making a guy look stylish but comfortable. Now we have the new Lightspeed line as the next addition!

Unlike the last collection this is a bit cooler in hues. This features blue, light blue and white. This combination is a bit of a departure from the last one. I was expecting them to keep it bright and bold. Like a right blue and red. This combination is pretty nice as well. As always it’s unexpected from 2EROS.

One thing I really appreciate from 2EROS is they keep you guessing. They never do the status quo. They experiment and have fun in the world of men’s apparel. Every time I go to Vegas and see what Jason has designed it blows me away. His creativity and ability to create styles that look great on men just astounds me.

The pairs in this collection are the Brief, Trunk and Jock. The same as the previous collection. These have become some of the classic styles for 2EROS. Pricing should be similar to the current collection as well. The pricing ranges from around $27-33 AUD. This collection will be out early next week. So if you love it you will see it on the 2EROS website and some of your favorite retailers.

I hope you guys check out the new Lightspeed line from 2EROS when released! Like other lines by them, you won’t be disappointed!

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