n2n Bodywear DaredevilN2N Bodywear furnished the  B65 Daredevil for review


  • Affordable
  • Seamless anatomical pouch
  • Ample side string


  • Material easily scuffs
  • Not for every occasion


Overall – 8.8/10

  • Fit –9/10
  • Sizing – 10/10
  • Construction – 8/10
  • Styling – 9/10
  • Performance – 8/10

Undies Rock Recommendations: The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers. That is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. Then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

Undiesrock rock here coming at you with another N2N review for a saucier pair of swimmers. The (B65) Daredevil; the name captures it all.  This daring pair isn’t remotely for the conservative of heart. Let me tell you if you are looking for some straight up sexy swimmers then look no further.

For those of you who have been following N2N for years. You know that the daredevil cut has existed for quite some time.  It’s essentially N2N’s version of a string bikini swimmer.  I know I have been praising this generations of N2N’s gear quality to the max with my previous reviews. This pair is the top of the mountain. I personally purchased the last three generations of the daredevil cut. This latest release is exactly what I have always wanted for a string bikini briefs!  They nailed everything from the seamless, roomy, comfy pouch to the sufficient amount of string bikini for the sides. To the secure fit (tight but not to the point where the side strings dig into your hips). One of my biggest pet peeves with string bikinis is that there isn’t ever enough string on the hips. Typically for string bikinis the photo(s) of the model wearing the product differs drastically from what you get in real life. Usually you only get an inch or so of “string”. Long story short, the Daredevil has serious string bikini game.

I received my Daredevil in the color Ice Blue in size medium. I have mentioned before, the construction of this pair is rock solid.  The 83% nylon and 17% spandex material provides the right amount of give and support. It has sort of a metallic look to it.  N2N’s pouches are always impeccable and this string bikini is no exception.  It has a sufficient amount of room and has an anatomical vibe. Which I found to have more of a narrow fit, but who cares, because this bikini has a seamless front! Which is all that matters ;-).  The entire bikini is unlined. Which I really dig, though it can be a transparent when wet. So just be cautious if you don’t want your junk all the way out there.  Though this feature was a huge hit with my s/o.

I have a 33” waist, and I reviewed a medium which is sized for a 30”-34” waist. The fit definitely hit the spot in all the right places.  In previous versions I have owned. I found that the butt was a little too high rise and just in general had an awkward loose fit in the pouch.  This pair resolved all of those issues.  The pair I own is in Ice Blue. It has a contrasting black trim and muted metallic sheen, which I find to be a nice aesthetic touch.  You can also get this pair in White and Goldenrod, which also have the black trim.  If you’re into prints. Then you’re in luck because N2N offers the B70 Daredevil Prints which have a tropical/Hawaiian flower vibe. That come in Havana Red and Malibu Blue.

The only downside to this pair is minor scuffing on the material after just one wash.  I simply wore the pair to the beach under my shorts (these seriously double as underwear perfectly). After I machined washed on light and hung them out to air-dry. I found that there were little scuffs markings. Which I washed with other swimmers that were come out perfectly fine.  It’s only noticeable when the pair is right in your face, so it doesn’t look tacky.  I recommend hand washing them only since they are delicate.

Right now these are going for $26 directly on the N2N website. Which really isn’t a bad price, considering that a good pair can cost you upwards of $100 these days.  Also please keep in mind that if you’re into prints the B70 Daredevil Prints are $28.  The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers that is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Daredevil Swim Brief
COLORS: Goldenrod, White and Daredevil Ice Blue
FABRIC: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00

Where to buy: https://n2nbodywear.com/collections/daredevil/products/b65-daredevil



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