clever-moda-1282 (1)We are fast approaching the Fall underwear release season! One of the first to release each fall and spring is Clever Moda. Clever is known for their great prints and colors. This year is no different! They have come out with some super fun colors and prints. Prints are one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear right now! So what’s new this year? We will focus on Swimwear, Thongs, Briefs and Boxer Briefs.

We were going to write up the entire collection. But that’s too much to cover, this will have all the thongs and other posts will do swimwear, briefs and boxer briefs.

Each pair has a link to buy. If you love something make sure you click through!

Clever Thongs

We have quite a few thong lovers who read UNB. I think each year it grows more and more. Guys are discovering how great thongs are to wear every day. Thongs have always been in the Clever Moda collection. They devote a good portion of their designs to the style. They match other pairs in the collection as well. You will see an Ethnic Boxer Brief and brief. That means you can have the same design in multiple styles.

Clever has made ones that always looked like fashion to me. Meaning they take the design and style seriously and want it to fit in their collection. They don’t make a thong just to make one. I guess what I’m saying is they look classic and not trendy, at least to me. The three thongs we are going to cover are the Ethnic, One Human Race and Ancestral thongs.

Ethnic Thong

Ethnic Thong – Clever 1274 – Blue or Grey

One Human Race Thong

One Human Race Thong – Clever 1275 – Blue or Grey

Ancestral Thong

Ancestral Thong – Clever 1282 – Gold or Silver

See all the thongs on the Clever Moda site!


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