Hey you kinksters out there, TtheAmazing is here with your weekly dose of fetish friday. Today, I’m going to be fanboying over a N2N Erotic staple. Now, if you follow anything about me, my instagram, my facebook, the tags on the back of my undies when I bend over to pick something up.  you know how much I love N2N. I have loved N2N since my college days. When I first embarked on buying undies. I felt good about rather than buying the ones that were easily available at the basic clothing stores I shopped at. I have since college just kept adding to my collection of N2N garments. Today, I wanna talk about a singlet of N2N’s I don’t actually own (shocker, I know). It goes in line with my odd fascination with non leather/non spandex resembling fabrics lately. Today, we’ll talk about the Liquid Skin Singlet.


Since one of my multiple careers is as a costume designer, specifically for spandex wear. I have spent a lot of time watching spandex manufacturing improve and change. The ability to mimic that sexy leather look in a more breathable, silky, soft fabric has come such a long way. It used to be if you wanted that “leather” look, it would make a weird velcro sound every time it stretched. You would see these wrinkles. That looked like cracks in the earth when evil super-villains punch it. Nowadays, they have a bunch of really great leather-like spandex fabrics. Some are firmer, some are softer, some are matte, some are shinier, some are textured some are smooth. It’s such a wonderful variety.

For the person that loves that sexy leather look, but still wants that form fitting squeeze. the Liquid Skin Singlet is for you! In a Batman-style matte black. This super low cut singlet will show off all your attributes nicely. The racerback style down the spine lowers the eye (while taking a brief detour on your lats) down to your booty. While the front plunges deep. While the suspender straps lift up your junk in a supportive and prominent pouch.


There’s a whole Liquid Skin collection, and it all looks delicious. I will try and get some, and report back to all of you my findings. The Liquid Skin Singlet is $6. The only warning to be careful of is that chlorine, bleach, and any oil based products. They can damage the leathery finish, so keep that in mind.


Maybe, next week I’ll break my stride, and get out of the alternative materials mood. And write about something completely different, you will just have to wait and see. For now, go to N2N’s website to shop the Liquid Skin collection. Maybe someday, I can convince Andrew to release a circus collection. Then we’ll have a Fetish Friday field day.

Until next time you beautiful deviants, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!



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