Hello Kinksters, I hope you had a good week. I had a pretty fun week, working on some upcoming shows I’m performing in. However, the most stand-out part of my week was definitely this corporate gig I worked on Tuesday. Myself and about 25 other local circusy (and friends) people were hired by a major electronics brand to gallivant around the outside of the convention center while their competing major electronics brand was having their convention inside. We were supposed to hold these giant balloons, and wave banners with our side’s brand on them. Now, that just doesn’t sound that odd, but I have deliberately saved the kicker for last; Every performer was in a full head to toe black zentai suit.

For those unfamiliar with the term zentai, it originates from Japan (shortened from zenshin “taitsu”, the “taitsu” is literally the Japanese borrowed term from english “tights”). It is most often a full body spandex suit, covering not just the torso, arms, and legs, but the head, hands and feet as well. Often you will see them made out of a single fabric, for instance a solid color, or an all over print. Lately, to also tap the cosplay audience, they’ve been made to resemble different characters (Spiderman is probably the most common, though Deadpool is making a rise).


Now I personally don’t find the full head to toe spandex thing a turn on, but as a circus performer who wears spandex professionally, I have had my fair share of encounters with people who are into zentai play asking me if I was into it too. From reading up about it a bit, it seems a lot of people aren’t sexualizing it, but more like using it as an identity therapy. The act of completely hiding your identity behind a new skin can be freeing. It’s intriguing, some people say it’s completely freeing because you’re invisible/anonymous, but at the same time, many people are gonna stare at you, when normally they’d just walk by.


Another noted aspect to zentai life is the “hug” of spandex, acting like a wearable security blanket, both in a physical way by smoothing out your body shape and also the stretch of the spandex hugging you everywhere. Also, in a tactile way, the smoothness of the spandex can feel good to touch, and calming to some people.


There can be a sexual aspect with zentai suit wearers, as it does reveal a lot of a person’s form. Many companies selling zentai suits offer modifications to the suits to allow sexual acts to happen (and bathroom trips to be easier) with optional crotch zippers and mouth holes…etc.

For a few years now, I’ve been friends with the owner of Spandexman.com who caters to a wide range of clients from dancers/circus artists, cosplay, and fetish communities. He sells a wide range of well-made basics, as well as some specialty concepts too.

If you want to go deep into zentai world, then I’d recommend sites like Zentai-zentai.com they have a wide range to suit any of your zentai needs.

If this is something you think you might be into, then congrats, good luck with your zentai adventure. In some articles I was reading to learn more, I found a lot of people didn’t realize this was what they wanted until they saw it, so as a public service, I thought I should put it out there for our UNB readers.

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!


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