JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354)Welcome to Ipanema Baby! Jor has added swim thongs to their line up. Let me introduce you to the Ipanema swim thong (0354) from JOR. If you are a swim thong fan or thinking about trying one out? Then take a look at the Ipanema swim thong. These are a pretty standard swim thong that would be great for anywhere it is acceptable to wear thongs. It actually might have a little more coverage than a traditional thong. Could be a great thong to break into the beach scene for the first time.

Like I mentioned this thong is along the lines of a traditional cut. With them being a low rise cut and slightly wider sides, it gives the impression of more back coverage than I typically vision a thong having. These offer full frontal coverage with a center seamed front pouch. They say it is an ergonomically shaped pouch that provides extra comfort thanks to the anatomical fit.

These thongs are made from a resilient microfiber fabric that is quick drying and super sleek. It’s a composition of 84% nylon and 16% polyester. They’ll be available in three colors: black, green, and orange. You have the sizes options from small to extra large. The thongs are brand with a tag on the left hip that has the JOR star and name on it.

This is a nice looking basic swim thong with good solid color options to start off with. Maybe they’ll expand upon them if they become a good seller. Right now only the colors black and green are available. Orange is coming soon, so keep watch if you want that color. It’s great seeing a brand like JOR adding swim thongs to their line. Hopefully, it means they are becoming more popular amongst us guys.

PAIR: JOR Ipanema Swim Thong
COLORS: Black, Green, Orange (Coming Soon)
FABRIC: 84% Nylon, 16% Polyester
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.00
LINK: JOR Sport Swim Thong (0355)

JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Black FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Black Back
JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Green FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Green Back
JOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Orange FrontJOR Ipanema Swim Thong (0354) Orange Back


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