It’s Thong Thursday! I know many of you out there are participating. Also, we have a ton of thong fans that follow the blog. It’s becoming one of the most popular styles across all guys. We have straight guys telling us about how much they love them. The style spans all sexual orientations, it’s no longer for gay guys and strippers! We chose a great starter pair that is also a classic design

The pair this week is the Go Softwear T-Back thong. If you’re old enough to remember (I know there are a few out there) but T-Backs were called thongs back in the day. I haven’t heard the term in quite a while. Go Softwear calls this a “t-back”  What is a T-Back? “a high-cut undergarment or swimsuit having only a thin strip of material passing between the buttocks.” is the definition as defined by Google. Meaning they have material in the back and it’s not just an elastic band in the back like a g-string. Well, that’s my clarification of the t-back

This pair takes me back to the first thong I ever bought. It looked very similar to this one. From the front it looks like a bikini  brief. Around you can clearly see it’s a thong. Unlike a lot of thongs the back strap tapers from wild to small. A design that will show off your assets.

This pair is made out of a 90% cotton and 10% spandex blend. Which again, takes me back to my first thong. It was a very similar blend. It also was black. This pair only comes in black currently.  I hope they will make this in white as well. The two are the most classic colors. I could see it in various colors as well.

I love that Go Softwear did a retro design for the thong. It really takes me back to my first thong and why I started to wear thong. They made me feel sexy and were super comfy. I definitely want to try these thongs!

BRAND: Go Softwear
PAIR: T-Back thong
FABRIC: 90% cotton and 10% spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $15.50
LINK: Go Softwear T-Back Thong


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