Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your new Raw Jock line.

What made you create this collection of jocks?

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of leather bars and Pig events. Every time I go I am turned on by the guys with great bodies in leather and jocks. I always wanted a hot jock line but I never wanted to make a wimpy jock or a flimsy jock. I wanted a man’s jock that can be pulled on and yanked around. So I held off for a while until I thought I could make them right. Now that we have our own manufacturing facility in Florida, I was finally able to really play with different elastics to come up with a durable waistband for a hot jock!

You have a collection of different jocks. I would group them into Mesh, Micro, Stripe, and Strapless. Can you tell us about each one?

They all have the same look and feel of the hot gritty leather daddy jock but in different cuts. I feel the same guy would like all the different variations. We have a traditional jock with the durable waistband, we have a micro jock with a thinner cut waistband, we a slip pouch for the times you want to swing free and bare ass it, and my favorite is the slip pouch with the attachment loop to snap your metal cockring to the balls of the pouch. It creates a sexy snug fit.

My personal favorite is the micro jock. Not many jocks have the thin waistband and leg straps. Was this one difficult to produce or make?

We created a girly “micro” jock about 6 years ago. It was delicate in bright colors and although it sold well, I wouldn’t be caught dead in it now! (I guess I have grown up since then). It’s not difficult to produce but it took a lot of trials and errors to get it to fit just right.

Strapless jocks are starting to trend in the world of men’s underwear, what made you create 4 different pairs?

We created a “Ball Lifter slip pouch” 8 years ago. It sold for a while and then died down. We brought a robust version late last year for a friend of mine with big balls that were uncomfortable in regular underwear. We called it the Big Boy Collection. As for it trending…. you’re welcome!

What is the Duraband waistband? Why is it part of this collection?

As mentioned earlier, I wanted a hefty manly jock and most of that has to do with the elastic waistband. So I played around with different techniques to come up with the “Duraband”. Once I got the band, then I was ready to create jocks. A couple of the slip pouch jocks don’t have the Duraband, so read the descriptions to make sure you are getting what you want.

Each one looks like you have a great pouch in them. Having tried some of your undies, including the Big Boy Brief, you have some great pouches. Why is a great pouch important to you?

It’s the sign of the times;) Guys are getting sick of being cramped in their underwear. Perhaps we are on the verge of a 70’s revolution and people are just ready to let it all hang out! I know I am! But a great supporting yet swinging pouch just feels great. Plus, there are a lot of extremely well-endowed men out there who have suffered being stuck with only traditional underwear. I just kept getting request after request to create something sexy but feels good for the Big Boys… and so I didJ

Now, to all my dirty little pigs out there, I’ll be waiting for you at checkout!

Find All these on the WildmanT website.

WildmanT Raw Angel Jockstrap with Duraband White

WildmanT Raw Mesh Jockstrap Contrast Red

WildmanT Raw Mesh Jockstrap with Duraband Waistband Black

WildmanT Raw Mesh Micro Jockstrap Blue Contrast

WildmanT Raw Sport Stripe Jockstrap with Duraband Waistband Blue

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock Black

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with Blue Contrast Trim

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with C-ring Loop and Duraband Black

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with Red Contrast Trim




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