JOR Sport Swim Thong 0355Like a sporty look with your swimwear? The JOR sport swim thong (0355) may be just what you are looking for. I’m a fan of the sporty looking swimsuits (underwear too). I especially like the ones that feature the race stripes on the hips. I think this is due to me being a fan of the brand Adidas. These thongs feature two stripes on each hip. It also has accent colored piping and waistband to help round out the sport look.

This JOR sport thong is a bit different than most swim thongs I’ve seen. The front of these will give the impression you are wearing a swim brief. Then to everyone’s surprise when you turn around they’ll be seeing some cheeks. The back of this thong gives a look between a cheekie and a thong. You get the top half of your behind covered and then the rest exposed. The back and pouch is joined by a string, so not much fabric between the cheeks.

This thong has a drawstring that ties on the outside adding to the sports look. These are available in 4 colors. The colors black, blue, and gray feature white for the waistband, piping, stripes, and drawstring. The color white highlights those features with black. The thongs are made out of a microfiber fabric that consists of 84% nylon and 16% polyester. They’re available in size small to extra large. These do have a brand tag on the left hip with the JOR star and name.

I think the JOR sport swim thong would be a great choice for those that want to test out the thong waters. This would be a great thong for transitioning into the world of swim thongs with the swim brief looking front and a little extra rear coverage. For those who already made the transition then this might be a good conservative pair to have on hand. Either way this thong is a unique one that you may want to consider.

PAIR: JOR Sport Swim Thong (0355)
COLORS: Black, Blue, Gray, White
FABRIC: 84% Nylon, 16% Polyester
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $45.33
LINK: JOR Sport Swim Thong (0355)

JOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 BlackJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 Black BackJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 BlueJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 Blue BackJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 GrayJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 Gray BackJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 WhiteJOR Sport Swim Thong 0355 White Back


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  1. How is the sizing ? I have thong underwear from Jor but find there pouches really small . I am an average guy in that dept !

    • I haven’t actually tried this swim thong. The post was just an introduction to a new line JOR was offering. My guess is their sizing is going to be similar to their underwear. That is at least my experience with brands that offer both underwear and swimwear. Sorry I can’t really help.

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