PPU 1603 ThongPPU likes to get creative with their underwear designs. If you’re looking for a thong or a g-string that is a bit different then PPU’s 1603 is one to consider. From the front you’ll ask yourself is it a thong? Or is it a g-string? From the back you’ll see it is a g-string.

What stands out of this pair is the two different waistband styles. You have the wide sporty elastic on one side and then a thin g-string type elastic on the other. The thin elastic then threads through the thick elastic in the back to attach to the pouch. This thong is available in 4 colors: black, green, red, and white. The black is all over black. What they call green is more of a turquoise. It has a white thick waistband with a blue stripe down the middle. The thin elastic waistband is blue and runs around the pouch also. The red has a white thick waist band with a red stripe, but the thin waistband is white. Gray is used for the thick waistband on the white pair. The thin side is a light blue. The thin waistband runs around the pouch on all of these thongs.

The pouch is centered seamed for support and definition. The fabric is a microfiber that is made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. PPU 1603 thong is available in sizes small to extra large and are made in Colombia.

I’m one that likes to stick with a standard design for my underwear, but this is one I’d consider. What I like about this pair is it’s one that isn’t too far out there. The design appears like it would still work well for everyday underwear, which is my goal with my underwear purchases. This would be a great thong or g-string to add a little character to the drawer.

COLORS: Black, Green, Red, White
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
PAIR: 1603 Thong
COST: $18.46
LINK: CandyMan Fashion

PPU 1603 Thong Black FrontPPU 1603 Thong Black BackPPU 1603 Thong Green FrontPPU 1603 Thong Green BackPPU 1603 Thong Red FrontPPU 1603 Thong Red BackPPU 1603 Thong White FrontPPU 1603 Thong White Back


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