We don’t cover much bodybuilding gear. However, as our readership expands we plan to cover more things in the gear world. Egick is a really interesting company. They have done some great swimwear and underwear this year. We have shown you a few things and will continue to cover them.

I saw this pair on Instagram. It’s in heavy rotation on their Instagram being so new. It made me head over to the Egick site and take a look. This pair is designed for bodybuilders and posing on stage. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a pair if you want something smaller for the beach or to tan in.

This is their official description:

Our Sexy White BodyBuilding Posing Gear Made From Comfortable Strech Shiny Fabric. Great Sexy Shape For Posing On Stage Or Any Other Place. Perfect Adjustment. Fit to Your Body Perfectly. Thanks to Our Special Cut and Shape You Will Always Feel STRONG, Sexy And Sensual.

The cut of these is smaller than normal swim briefs many of you are used too. It’s designed to show off every muscle. That means there is no drawstring waistband. It’s an elastic waist, if you wear swimming, take note.  It could cause problems if you’re super active.

The pair retails for $65. Some of you may go whoa! But this is specially designed for bodybuilders. If you are in this market, it may be a good investment for you to purchase one of these or maybe two. Meaning the legs and waist are made for your proportions over regular pairs of swimwear.

Lastly, the sizing is Medium through X-large. Which is a 28-36 waist.  Sizing is made for the target market. I don’t think many bodybuilders will be over 36 inches unless you’re really tall. But I could be wrong.

If you are interested head over to the Egick site to see this and more.


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