D.Hedral is out with a new line of underwear. The Evo line is their first hybrid seamless underwear. I really like the look of the underwear, it is simple which can be really elegant at times. The Evo line is available now. This is a new line to me so I have not got to experience it before.

The Evo line features no seams on the underwear. The line also features D.Hedral’s patented anglefit technology. The anglefit technology gives the underwear structured support, while allowing the underwear to stretch independently, and pulls upward to provide contoured support. The anglefit technology is made to be figure hugging. The company says investing in tailored clothing shouldn’t stop at your suit. The pairs are knitted seamlessly with lightweight Italian cotton microfiber. Every product uses materials that 100% made in Italy and are all manufactured by Italian companies. The Evo line comes in both briefs and trunks. You can use this pair of underwear for anything from the gym to work to a night of fun.

I really enjoy the look of this underwear. It is a classic look but the company ups it with their anglefit technology. The fact that the underwear is made to hug your figure is a nice feature since it will help people with and without a butt look good. I love the fact the waistband matches the color of the rest of the underwear, and the logo is the same color.

This is a nice line of underwear that is made without any real seams. The lack of seams and anglefit technology to help the underwear fit to your body and make you look good. The Evo line is available now on D.Hedrals website.

BRAND: D.Hedral Evo
PAIR: Briefs and Trunks
COLORS: White, Black, Navy
FABRIC: Italian cotton microfiber
COST: $41 for briefs, and $44 for trunks
LINK: http://www.dhedral.com/dollar_us/


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