Many of you may know CityLad78 on Twitter. He’s a big fan of suits and undies. He’s not afraid to show off in either! He’s been a few of our Brief Distractions before?! We thought he would be a great guy to talk about underwear and suits. Many of you out there wear them on a daily basis. You should be wearing something fun under.

We have many readers who see a suit as a uniform, rather than have fun with it, some dread it. You don’t have this view. You have fun with suits and underwear. How did you discover your love of suits and also underwear?

“I’ve been into suits since my first city job in London 13 years ago. Working in an office full of suited lads and noticing who looked good made me want to take pride in how I look when suited. Of course, we’ve all tried to check those underwear lines out underneath a suit and that was when I started to take a strong interest in underwear in general. ”

How do you pick underwear to go under your suits? Does the color and fabric of the suit affect your underwear choice for the day? Are there any rules you follow for underwear and suits?

“No set rules that I follow but I kind of plan for the day depending on my schedule. For example, if I know I’m going to be stuck in meeting after meeting in the office then I want to be comfortable so will choose a pair of fitted chinlon/spandex boxers for example. If I’m out and about on the road then you can’t beat a jockstrap as you walk between meeting to meeting to enjoy the strapped feeling and the air around your arse and looking at who is trying to spot those jock lines ;)”

In a picture we posted the tartan briefs matched your tie, which is something I have done, do you do this often?

“Not consciously if I’m short of time in the morning. But if I allow myself the time to get ready then coordination really enhances some of the undies and ties that I wear. And, of course, especially if I’m showing off my outfit for that day.”

I have seen you post pictures in a blue and grey suit. What have you worn under them in the past? 

“The blue suit is my favourite, steel blue. Always get told I look my best on that one. I’ve worn standard boxers, boxer briefs and classic Jockeys which are a personal favourite. A jockstrap would be worn for fun, say, on a quiet kind of day. I really like the feel of the mixed spandex fabrics as it keeps me ‘alert’ and I have tons of undies like that!”

In your pictures on Twitter you have a variety of underwear styles, what is your favorite to wear (Brief, bikini, jock, trunk, thong, etc)? And why?

“Briefs! And Y-front briefs at that. Namely Jockey Y’s. There is just something so hot about that them. If I delved into too much then I probably wouldn’t find it hot. So I like the mystery of not quite knowing why they turn me on when I wear them under my suit.”

What is the wildest thing you have ever worn under a suit?

“Freeballing with c-ring ”

Guys who have to wear suits every day, what advice can you give them for picking amazing underwear to wear with it?

“Make it fun for yourself. Being suited should be fun, even when you’re stuck in the dullest of labour days. Wear something that’s going to remind you constantly how good it feels and how good you look underneath ( and to anyone who might get the lucky opportunity ).”

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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