The underwear version of a “quantum leap for mankind” is taking that courageous step. From generic “tighty-whities” to quality underwear. It can be daunting venturing into the world of great, comfortable, sexy underwear. The variety is overwhelming. The color selection kaleidoscopic, and the style selections offer everything from well-tailored boxers to extreme fetish wear. Once you get over the explosion of choices — the rest is tons of fun!
How to get from “droopy drawers” to a fabulous first layer? You need a “bridge to underwear”! Here are some suggestions for some “bridge brands.”

First and foremost: Calvin Klein – “CK” in “undie-speak” is the go-to brand. It’s been around long enough to be mainstream and considered conservative by some. Yet well-constructed, form-fitting, with style selections to fit every body type.
The safest is the neither hot nor cold “boxer brief.” It’s basic enough to show off at the gym. Yet stylish enough to make the break from discount store multi-pack underwear.
Boxer briefs do a great job of spanning the gulf with their full-coverage styling, sensible colors, and enough fabric. S that you can wear them in front of your mother. Because of that, they also aren’t all that interesting or fun. Time to take another step across the bridge!
Trunks! The style that’s nearly perfect for the slightly older “dad bod”! They feel great, cover a multitude of sins, and offer colors, pouches, and fabrics for any taste. and — you can drop your pants in the locker room with total confidence!

Venture into another mainstream brand, 2XIST, for a great selection of trunks. At 25 years old, the brand is firmly established and has found its niche. Their quality, fabrics, and design are among the highest in the biz. Their selection of trunks is unsurpassed. It’s an easy, fearless step from the “middle child” of boxerbriefs. Which aren’t sure what they want to be when they grow up, to the more adventurous younger sibling of trunks.
The last step on this leg of our journey is to form-fitting, lo-rise, sculpted pouch briefs. If you made it this far, there’s no turning back — and be forewarned, from here, it’s a joyful slippery slope all the way to bikinis and thongs!

The brand recommendation for briefs? Another mainstay: C-IN2. Founded by the former head designer at 2XIST. C-IN2 transported the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship. While ramping up its edgy designs, fun fabrics, and a pouch profile that might push your envelope — in a good way!
Check out these briefs: What’s not to love? Eye-catching design, fit that lifts and enhances, fabric that’s soft and effortless. A waistband that spells confidence! Yet — they aren’t overly revealing or betray someone attempting to capture their lost youth! They are good, solid undies that are so much fun to wear — you just have to try them! If you’re nervous about too much profile, slip them on under a pair of jeans.
How about those of you over 50 who read this blog — what do you wear? Has your taste in underwear matured as you have? What brands or styles do you love?
You’re never too old for a little party in your pants!

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