We want to thank those who voted this year in the UNB Reader Awards. We had the most vote ever in an Awards. I was checking on the results daily and there were some real battles in categories. Several went back and forth between a few brands. This is also the first time we had a winner by one vote. Yes, a pair won by 1 single vote. Who said your vote doesn’t count? Not UNB! Also, we had our very first tie. The awards were a lot of fun this year.

We are doing something different. We are showing you the winner of each category, then what came in second and third. We hope you guys like this!

UNB Reader Awards 2017 – Winners

Best Brief

First Place – WildmanT Big Boy Pouch Brief

2nd Place – Jock Up Performance Brief
3rd Place – Modus Vivendi – Meander Brief

Best Bikini

First Place – aussieBum Billy Bikini

2nd Place – Ergowear Suave Bikini
3rd Place – Modus Vivendi Flamme 

Best Thong

First Place (tie) – Ergowear Max Gold Thong

First Place (tie) – Sukrew Thong

3rd Place – Andrew Christian Apex Thong
4th Place – Cocksox Decadence thong

Best Jock

First Place – Modus Vivendi Transparent Jock

2nd Place – Addicted Contrast Mesh Jock
3rd Place – Jock Up Narrow Band Jock

Best Jock Brief

Andrew Christian – Fukr Diamond Jock

2nd Place – JOR Mediterraneo Jock
3rd Place – SupaWear SupaDupa Jock

Best Trunk

First Place – Junk UnderJeans Analog Trunk

2nd Place – N2N Bodywear Studio Groove
3rd Place – Garcon Model – Dade

Best Boxer Brief

First Place – Junk UnderJeans Sweat Boxer Brief

2nd Place – Garcon Model Barton
3rd Place – Sukrew Sprint

Best Swimwear

First Place – Junk UnderJeans Rio

2nd Place – Marcuse Dragon Brief
3rd Place – Addicted Floral Digital Mini Brief

Best Underwear Model

Winner – Arad for Andrew Christian

Best Underwear Photographer

Winner – Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi

Best Online Retailer

Winner – Jockstrap Central

Best Brick & Mortar Store

Winner – Needz, Denver, CO

Best Fetish Brand

Winner – Nasty Pig

Best New Brand

Winner – Jock Up

Best Overall Brand

Winner – Andrew Christian


Drawer of Fame 2017

The Drawer of Fame is our own Hall of Fame of the underwear world. We celebrate achievements in the world of underwear. That could be a pair, person, brand or retailer that influences the world of underwear. We try to have a rough limit of being around for 10 years before being considered for entry. This is solely based on the Editorial Board/Editor of UNB. While brands can campaign to be in the Drawer of Fame, it’s the decision of the editors when and why they get in. This year we have a few new inductees.


Cocksox CX01 Bikini – This pair has been around 10 years this year. I have made an impact on the world of underwear. Namely the Cocksox pouch. Which has been a favorite of our editorial board and readers for years. It also is a pair that is still being sold today. It has had many colors over the years but the design and fabric remain the same as the original.


New this year are retailers. Where would we be without place to buy our underwear. We are inducting Two stores that have had an impact and are still in business today. One focuses on a particular style, while the second has always been a one of the go to stores for many of us.

Jockstrap Central – Originally created to celebrate the jockstrap. Over the years they have added more things than jocks. They have their own unique style. This includes what they sell and models they use. Models have a more “real guy’ feel over a produced shoot. We feel they do many great things to contribute to the world of men’s underwear.

International Jock – One of the biggest stores on the net right now is International Jock. They have managed to stay strong when many other stores have faltered. They key to their success, we feel, is the breath of their offerings. Meaning, back in the day they were one of the first who had singlets and jock/cups. Things that you couldn’t find outside a sporting good store. Since then they continue to add some of the best undies/swim/etc. on the market. One other reason they make our list is they use their own models. Their site has always looked consistent and fresh. It takes a lot of effort to do this. We say hats off to International Jock


Pistol Pete – Sami Trab & Company – Pistol Pete has always marched to their own drummer. They have a specific style that no one has matched or even copied. They have held on to this design skill to this day. We have covered them since the start of UNB. It’s always great to see what they come up with each year. They create everything from swimwear, underwear, denim, spandex gear and more. We think they deserve to be in our Drawer of Fame.

Go Softwear – Greg Olivera & Alex Hernandez – Go Softwear has been around for around 20 years. In this time they have produced so many pairs. Including those featuring armed forces, police, and firefighters. In recent years they have expanded with the American Jock line that features more athletic underwear and apparel. That’s not the only line, the Hard Core is a more fetish line that has really come on strong the last few years. Both Greg and Alex have been great friends to UNB. We are glad to have them in our Drawer of Fame!

This is this years Reader Awards and Drawer of Fame winners. We will have our next reader awards in Feb 2018!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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