We recently talked to Andrew Christian Model, Jacob Ford. Now we get the chance to talk to Austin Waite. Here are a few of the questions we got to ask Austin

Great to talk to you, Austin. So tell us how you came about modeling and specifically working with Andrew Christian?

I started modeling for the first time after I had met a photographer while out and about. We took some shots which led to me modeling for Grindr. I was also working as a gogo dancer at the time. The club I was at posted a photo of me to their Instagram. Andrew Christian stumbled upon it and contacted the club’s promoter to ask me to come in for a test shoot!

How long have you been working for Andrew Christian as a model? Which of the shoots have you done have been the most fun to shoot? 

I’ve been signed with AC for just over a year now. My favorite shoot so far was for the “Massive” collection. They haven’t released the video yet, so definitely keep an eye out. The creative directing for the shoot was another level — it’s different than anything I’ve ever done before. It was challenging, but the final outcome was worth it.

We recently interviewed Jacob Ford, he told us about the picture of him naked standing in front of you, from Sex = Power = Freedom, was the first day you met. It appears you guys have great chemistry together. How did that day go? Can we expect to see you two together in a shoot soon? 

Hahaha yeah that was the first day I met Jacob. He’s very easy to work with, so it wasn’t uncomfortable at all! He had a professional attitude that made the whole shoot a lot easier. I hope we shoot together again soon, but Andrew likes to keep people guessing, so I’m not sure!

Andrew Christian has some great models. Which of the AC models have you not worked with that you would love the chance to do a shoot with?

We have a lot of great guys, and I’ve gotten to work with almost all of them because of Sex=Power=Freedom. We just signed three new trophy boys, though, and I’m looking forward to shooting with them. Especially Nick Mascardo, who just won Andrew’s Trophy Boy Contest.

Are there any new shoots or videos coming up for you on the AC site? 

The “Massive” shoot is coming soon and it’s dope. Watch for it. There are also photos of me and the guys on the Sex=Power=Freedom book tour. Definitely check out the AC blog for those, too.

Speaking of Sex = Power = Freedom, how did Andrew pitch the idea to you? Were there any hesitations in participating, or were you all for doing it? Especially the possibility of getting naked in front of other models. 

I was on board as soon as Andrew approached me with the book idea. What really hooked me, though, was that he wanted to follow in Madonna’s footsteps with her book “Sex”. I was sold after that. I was hesitant about being completely naked – I had always thought about posing naked in the past, but it was never really my brand.

What does Sex = Power = Freedom mean to you? 

To me, Sex=Power=Freedom means to love freely. Sex is a big insecurity for many people. Once I had the power to exploit myself, I figured it would help push others to accept the art and beauty of sex. I hope to empower people so they too can love freely.

Being an underwear model in print and video, you work out a good bit. What is your weekly workout routine and diet? What is your biggest challenge in your fitness routine? 

My fitness routine is very personal. It changes from week to week, so I really don’t know what I’m doing until I get to the gym that day. I stretch and warm up for about 30 minutes, but I’m there every day. I eat an hour before a workout and then try to eat a meal or large snack every 2 hours. I’m skinny so I have to keep eating, which is my biggest challenge. My metabolism is through the roof which you would think means I can eat anything. I can, but I see bigger improvements when I eat what my body needs – not what it wants.

Since we are an underwear blog, we have to ask. Are you a fan of underwear before joining AC? Why or why not? 

Its funny being an underwear model and not being a fan of underwear! I love the AC line because it’s always changing and adds personality. Growing up, though, I played a lot of sports like gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football. I would always have to wear tight uniforms all the time, so when I’m not doing anything special I like to free ball.

Now that you have worn virtually every style, what is the composition of your underwear drawer? (percentages of briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jocks). Which of these styles is your everyday underwear? 

I have an entire dresser dedicated to my underwear collection. It’s mostly boxer briefs or jocks for when I lift or walk around at home. I have a roommate so I shouldn’t be naked hahaha. Jocks are definitely my favorite to wear.

And we can’t let it go by without having to ask what is your favorite pair of AC underwear you own? 

My favorite is actually the Black Collection Riviera Swim Shorts. I can wear them around the house or by the pool. They look like boxer shorts and they’re really versatile.

Our readers know you as Austin the AC Underwear model, but what do you do in your downtime? What are your passions outside of modeling? 

I’m getting back into painting. I went to college for it and I don’t want to lose that talent. I will also lock myself down and watch movies or TV shows all day long. It’s bad, but they’re fun to study. I want to tackle acting next, so I’m focusing on that.

What is one thing that may surprise our readers about you?

I’ve had 8 piercings in my life so far. One for each sibling I have!. Not for that reason, but yes, 8 piercings and 8 siblings.

Speed round questions 

  • Briefs or boxer briefs? Boxer briefs
  • Have you been recognized in public (mall/grocery store/etc)?  Yes at a CVS
  • Favorite workout undies (style)? Jock
  • City/Country you want to visit? Italy
  • Jock or thong? JOCK
  • Singlets? Yes or no? Yes!
  • Favorite Cheat food – Anything Italian. Usually pizza
  • Who is your biggest supporter? – My life confidant, Landis
  • swim brief or trunk? Trunk
  • What are your date night undies? Commando
  • What’s your best feature? My ass or eyes
  • Oddest place you have been in undies? Out on a farm
  • Favorite movie – Arrival. For now.

Where can our readers find you on social media? 


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