First, congrats Nick on becoming the new Trophy boy for Andrew Christian. What made you enter the Trophy Boy Contest?

I decided to enter the Trophy Boy contest on a split decision. I saw a post about the contest on Instagram and thought to myself, “what could it hurt? If I lost, nothing changes, and there’s always a small chance I could win!”

Many times on model contests, so many people submit pictures and get lost in a sea of other models. When did you realize that you were seriously in the running to be the trophy boy?

I actually forgot about the contest after I submitted my photo and just assumed that I went unnoticed. Then a month later I received an email that told me that I made the top 50. At that moment I realized I might have a chance to change my life completely!

You were part of the final four guys. What was the best part about the final competition? What was the hardest thing about the competition?

The best part of the final competition was learning more about the business side of modeling. For a while I thought modeling only consist of taking good photos, but since entering the contest I realized it’s much larger than that. I learned that modeling isn’t just about the poses and the lighting, it’s about true confidence, hard work, marketing yourself, and being open to trying new things! The hardest thing about the competition was actually competing against all of these attractive guys. When all these guys are talented, good looking, and outgoing it can be hard to find a way to stand out from them. Everyone had what it took to win this competition, but the hardest part was showing people that I was different, that I was better.

Andrew Christian has some skimpy styles. Were you up for being photographed in thongs, jocks and mesh underwear?

Yes, Andrew Christian has some skimpy styles and I was totally down to be in (or out) of all of them. I was told one major piece of advice before I left for my first shoot in LA that stuck with me even to this day. I was told to always volunteer and not to be afraid to let your walls down.

What pair or pairs have been your favorite to shoot? And what is the wildest pair you have modeled for Andrew Christian?

My favorite pair to shoot in would have to be the BLOW line. I love the thick waist bands, and the mesh feels amazing! The wildest pair of underwear I’ve modeled for Andrew Christian would have to have been the singlet. When you think of singlet, you think of more coverage then a jock strap, but this singlet was basically a thong and a harness mixed!

Trying out for the Trophy Boy, you were obviously a fan of Andrew Christian underwear. Did you have a love of underwear in general?

I’ll be honest. I probably owned 10 good pairs of underwear before entering the contest. I never really got into underwear until I saw Andrew Christian’s line more in detail. When I tried on my first pair in the shoot, I fell in love with underwear. His underwear made me like underwear more and my body more!

Being an underwear blog we have to ask these two questions: What style makes up most of your underwear drawer? What is your favorite pair of Andrew Christian underwear?

Well since I model for Andrew Christian now, my underwear drawer is pretty equal when it comes to the style. But the AC team tends to love my ass showing, so Jock Straps seem to always show up the most! My favorite pair of Andrew Christian underwear would have to be my FUKR Slick brief. I just feel a sexy masculine vibe every time I slip into them.

Andrew Christian has some great models in their line up. Who are a few of the models you hope to work with in a video or photo shoot?

I love all of the models, everyone has been so welcoming and accepting! I cannot wait to work with all of them! But if I had to pick a few, I’m excited to work with in a shoot, it would have to be Topher and Arad!

Other than starting your career in modeling with Andrew Christian, what do you enjoy in your down time?

Lately my downtime has changed drastically. Before the contest in my downtime, I loved to work out and go out with friends. Now since the contest and winning, my downtown has changed to building. Building a career, building a new life, and building new relationships on the way!

What is one thing that may surprise our readers to know about you?

Something surprising that the readers don’t know about me… that’s a hard one seeing that I am pretty open. But if I had to say, it would probably be the fact that I actually get camera shy on videos. I still get nervous during shoots, even if I may look like someone who always knows what to say.

  • Briefs or boxer briefs? Briefs
  • Favorite workout undies (style)? Hands down the Vibe tagless briefs
  • City/Country you want to visit? Thailand
  • Jock or thong? Jock
  • Singlets? Yes or no? I’m down for anything!
  • Favorite Cheat food Ice Cream
  • Who is your biggest supporter? My boyfriend ☺
  • Swim brief or trunk? Swim brief
  • What are your date night undies? FUKR
  • What’s your best feature? My tattoos
  • Oddest place you have been in undies? Inside a cupcake shop
  • Music: Country or Pop? Pop
  • Favorite Color? Green
  • Ever worn a swim brief in public? Yusssssss
  • Celebrity who should do an underwear shoot? Nick Jonas

Now that you are the Trophy Boy, when can we expect to see you in a new video/photo shoot?

Any moment now! If I had control over the content I would have been in 10 by now! But the massive video should be the first one! So keep updated!

If Andrew Christian does a second Sex=Power=Freedom. Would you participate?

When Andrew Christian Does another Sex=Power=Freedom book I will be first in line to participate! The book is a positive and strong message and I need to be a part of that inspiration!

What does being the Trophy Boy for Andrew Christian mean to you?

Being a Trophy Boy for Andrew Christian means the world to me. This title means change, movement, growth, and not just with the company, but internally with me. Having this title changed everything for me. It changed the way I viewed life, myself and the supportive community around me! A lot of people see a title, a contract, a pair of underwear, where I see the building blocks to a reality worth living. Being an AC Trophy Boy is the reason I smile when I wake up. It sounds sappy, but I now wake up every day realizing I did it. I worked hard for something I wanted and I achieved that goal, and that satisfaction keeps me smiling.

Lastly, where can our readers find you on social media?

You guys can keep updated with Andrew Christian and my life on Instagram @NickMasc. Facebook : Nick Mascardo, and my personal favorite which gives you a closer look into my life my personal Snapchat : SnapandTattoos




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