The new collection from N2N Bodywear is part of the 20th-anniversary collection. Unlike years past, this collection will be released over the course of the year. Other collections have been released all at once in March/April. There are many things up the sleeve of N2N Bodywear. The initial collection has been released. I have heard a few things they have planned and it should be one year of surprise and amazement. Just for the record, I have no knowledge of the new collection just the hints of what they have told me.

Part 1 of the 20th Anniversary collection is on the N2N site now. It will be out at retailers soon! The new collection consists of the Edison, Comic Pop, USA, Galaxy, and Camo lines.

The Edison is a black and white polka dot lounge collection. If you loved the lounge collection of previous collections, you will have to have these pairs. It’s a bit different from what I was expecting but I love this entire collection. It’s a lot of fun but classic at the same time. Made with a brief, short, split short, onezee, pant and robe.

There is a new swim line called Comic Pop. It’s a brief and trunk made with a comic book print. The brief and the trunk are available in a color or black and white print. N2N always pulls out some super fun print for swimwear. This has to be my favorite of the initial Collection.

The USA line has been redone a little. In the past, they have had singlets and runners. Which I hope will make an appearance back in the lineup. But the USA swimwear should be fun this summer. A blue background with white stars. A new style is the string bikini. Which we are sure will be one of the big sellers

The Galaxy is back. This has been a strong collection for them over the years. Let’s face it, could there be a collection from N2N without singlets and runners? It has the Galaxy X singlet with mesh on the sides. I’m very glad this collection is back!

Lastly, if you are a fan of Camo, this collection has a wide selection of camo items. From the dare to wear spandex sheers to camo briefs and everything in between. If you’re not a big fan of spandex gear there is plenty of underwear for you to consider. Including several bikinis (one that is see through), jocks and more.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for N2N this year. We will have a series of interviews with Andrew throughout the year. It should be a good year for N2N and a great one for us underwear lovers! See this collection at the N2N Bodywear site now!


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