We asked you guys about thongs and a week ago we shared the overview of the results. Now we want to share what some of you guys said about your feelings for thongs. All this is information is without any identifiable information. So you may be quoted in this post!

We asked why you guys wear thong. You guys said: 

  • I think they give better support than a jock, good under compression shorts at the gym and sometimes for hot yoga, like having decent support with minimal coverage
  • Minimal material, great support, can make you feel sexy
  • Sometimes to be sexy, sometimes because I want to be bare-assed, and sometimes just ’cause I feel like it.
  • I like the support of pouch and knowing people don’t know I’m wearing them.
  • I think it is sexy and gives me an extra boost of confidence.
  • Less bulk under whatever I am wearing.
  • I think they are damn comfortable. I love them under jeans and khakis. I also feel sexy and yes, masculine too. I love the support of good thongs and how they really keep the boys secured.
  • I want to feel extra sexy.
  • no lines in back and shows off my bulge
  • Comfort. Also great under running tights.
  • just to change it up every now and then
  • Comfort! During hot weather, air flow. Amazing support. Maximum freedom of movement.
  • Feels great and sexy. Love the support it gives.
  • No “panty line,” the feel of “less,” & the comfort of the fabrics in the ones I own.
  • I find them extremely comfortable, the support is better than a jock, and they make me feel sexy and more confident.
  • I like the feeling of them—much more comfortable and less restricting than briefs and bikinis.
  • They make me feel sexy, and feel less constricted when wearing them under snug jeans
  • It’s exciting, different, a change from normal underwear. It’s sent, it’s something only.i know I’m wearing. It’s powerful. It’s comfortable and supportive.

For those who don’t like thongs, here are their reasons: 

  • Just don’t like them most of the time uncomfortable
  • They are uncomfortable and not always flattering
  • Don’t Care for the constant weggie
  • I have nothing against them, but i think briefs are so much sexier
  • I work in a factory, peer pressure
  • I find them slightly uncomfortable so they are distracting to wear.
  • I like them, fiancé thinks they’re “gay” she doesn’t like them but tolerates or ignores them

Last, we asked why you LOVE thongs. 

  • Best comfort and just fun to wear
  • Love the look and freedom
  • They’re very sexy. You feel it while wearing it. Makes you very aware of it
  • They’re sexy, comfortable, supportive. Gives a bit of a wild side. Keeps you cooler. Like how they look.
  • Love how they make me feel
  • They are some of the sexiest underwear a man can wear. They also provide support to a man who doesn’t like a lot of material under his clothes.
  • Same as the reason for wearing them. Plus I like knowing I am wearing something that not a lot of guys wear
  • Thongs are a hot option. The t strap might not the best choice for everyone, but I love them. They provide a provocative, sexy charge.
  • I love thongs because of how I look in them. They make me feel sexy when I wear them. I know there is a stigma attached to men that wear thongs but I do not care, they are comfortable and I am sure if men would give them a chance thongs would lose their stigma.
  • Like not being mainstream.

I love polls like this that shares our readers passions and interests. Also, those who don’t like a pair and why.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. I love wearing thongs their not bulky like briefs are and looks fantastic on and very comfortable, Plus I wear glossy thong leotards just a thong with a top combined on one and yes I also wear C- Strings yet another option that offers that feeling of freedom.

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