PetitQ is a brand that has always been on the sexy and skimpy side of the underwear spectrum. It’s something I feel they are quite proud of and that’s exactly where they want to be. The new collection advances further to that side of the spectrum. There are more very revealing designs, super skimpy cuts and some barely there coverage. With some of our readers, you were sold on “revealing designs.”

The three styles most in this collection are a brief, jock and trunk. But, it’s not the typical designs you would think. The briefs are cut super small. The jocks have a very PetitQ spin on the design. Lastly, the trunks, well…don’t expect full or solid coverage. But, the whole collection works really well.

One thing I love about PetitQ is they take risks in underwear. They don’t play it safe with their collections. They mix colors, designs, fabrics and more to create interesting and fun designs. There will always be a place for underwear that is skimpy, sexy and fun. It makes guys feel amazing. I know when I wear something skimpy I love the feeling they give me all day. It also doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. We ALL want to feel sexy in undies.

Here is a quick overview of the new collection. It’s not a massive release, They are doing a lot smaller releases throughout the year. So stay tuned for a lot more over the rest of this year.

PQ170203 Cock Sock

PQ170205 Garter Jockstrap

PQ170207 Jaily Fly Boxer Briefs

PQ170208 Jaily Boxer Briefs

PQ170301 Delong Briefs

PQ170303 Tessy Bikini

PQ170305 Slingshot Cock Sock

Find these and more at the Candyman Fashion website.


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