Supawear has been offering underwear, beachwear and gymwear for men seeking quality, fun and colorful designs that are functional since 2012. They have a new line of beachwear this summer called the Supadupa. The new Supadupa looks like a great pair of shorts, definitely smaller than board shorts but not as small as a bikini. If the occasion arises that you need to wear a pair of shorts, they have currently have 5 different prints to choose from. The Supadupa line of shorts was just released so get a pair to prepare for your summer fun. I have not worn this brand of shorts before, but if I needed to wear a pair of shorts this summer this looks like some I may have to try.

The new Supadupa shorts are Supawear’s revamped and revitalized beach range that are Supa lightweight with bright, bold and vibrant prints. There are 5 fun print designs to choose from: Blaze, Origami, Ahoy!, Blossom, and Pineapple.

They are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane to give you fitted feel but at the same time offering enough stretch for comfort, confidence, and masculine. The material is also quick drying so you’re not walking around dripping water all over the place for the rest of the day. Guys can wear these shorts to the beach, the pool, or lounging around at home in the back yard. Be brave this summer and break away from those board shorts and get some sun on your legs.

I like the form fitting design of this swim shorts. I don’t enjoy wearing baggy clothes. Anything pair of shorts that don’t hand to my knees are great to wear in the summer, if I wanted to wear pants I would wear them. The quick dry material will be nice so that when you get out of the water you’re not walking all wet for a long time waiting for your swimwear to dry.

If you are in the market for some new swimwear this summer, be confident and get something more form fitting than board shorts. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I think I may need to for the times when bikini swimwear is too riskee. They are available now, so hurry before they run out. Check out the Blaze and Origami print designs below. For more information or to order go to

BRAND: Supawear

PAIR: Supadupa

COLORS: Blaze, Origami, Ahoy!, Blossom, and Pineapple

FABRIC: 95% polyester & 5% elastane

SIZES: XS through XL

COST: $69.00 AU





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