Two of the newest guys in the world of Underwear are the Garcon Model boys. Named David and AJ. If you follow Garcon Model on Instagram you have seen these guys. Tell our readers a little bit about you guys. (Hobbies, relationship, work (general area if you want), I know we will have guys ask if they are a real couple.

What made you guys come on board and be the face of Garcon Model Online? How did GM find you? 

[AJ]: We’ve really loved sharing our experiences on Instagram, and one of the most rewarding aspects has been the connections with friends of old and new. Top on this list is our connection with Garcon. We were first connected to Garcon when one of their co-founders saw a post of us wearing some of their underwear (which we received as part of an Underwear Expert box) and decided to reach out.

[Dave]: When GM asked us to rep the brand for them, we were very pleasantly surprised – we had never done anything like this before, but were intrigued by the idea. We talked it over between ourselves, and since we love their product and brand so much, we decided to hop on board and see where everything would go. So far, we’ve really enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm for Garcon with our friends and Instagram followers.

Before you were the face of the brand did you two like underwear? Were you a fan of Garcon Model? 

[Dave]: We had done some one-off Instagram projects with a couple of underwear brands before, and we had fun coming up with interesting shots to promote the product we had been sent. We also got to try out a lot of brands that we hadn’t been exposed to before.

[AJ]: When the GM underwear came in our Underwear Expert box, it was new to us. We were immediately taken by the fun colors and sleek logo on the waistband. Upon trying them on, we loved both the fit and the quality of the fabric. They became instant favorites.

[Dave]: When we saw that they supported the #loveislove campaign on Instagram, we were totally sold. We knew this was a company that had not only a great product, but that also aligned with our personal values.

You guys have tried probably every pair of the GM lineup. Do you have a favorite style? Color?

[Dave]: In the past I’ve shied away from bright colors in my underwear drawer, opting for more classic black/white/gray styles. (AJ would use the word “boring”.) But the GM underwear has really turned me on to the fun and bright color combinations they use. They’re fun and attention-grabbing without being gaudy.

[AJ]: I’ve always liked bright colors, but the GM styles really stand out. And every cut is great. I’m more of a briefs guy, and Dave likes both briefs and trunks.

[Dave]: And both of us love the fit of the jocks! Oh and they have awesome new hats, too. We wear them constantly!

I said earlier you guys are the face of the brand and that’s true now that you shot the new collection. Was this the first time you guys have done an official shoot for the brand? 

[AJ]: Yeah, this was our first shoot with the brand, and really our first professional shoot like this ever. It was such a cool experience. We had so much fun with the photographer (Anthony Deeying, @anthonydeeying) and his team.

[Dave]: Anthony and his team are all professionals, so they knew how to keep things moving and keep the energy up despite the long day. It really was a pleasure working with them.

From the behind the scenes pics and videos you posted on Instagram, you looked like you had fun. Underwear shoots can make for a long day.  How did you keep it fun through the shoot?

[AJ]: Well, first of all we had each other so we were bound to have a good time.

[Dave]: Aw. Isn’t he the sweetest?

[AJ]: And Anthony, the photog, and his team were really great. We were throwing jokes around the whole time and laughing a lot.

[Dave]: You can’t take yourself too seriously when you’re in your underwear in front of a camera!

You both got to see and wear the new collection. Any favorites or pairs our readers should take note of when the collection is released?  

[AJ]: I definitely love the new orange color. It’s bright and puts a smile on my face in the morning when I put them on.

[Dave]: I’m partial to the pink. It really pops and is something I’ve never had in my underwear drawer before.

Why should guys try Garcon Model underwear? 

[Dave]: It’s a super versatile brand, so there’s a GM style for everyone. They’re a great way to work some colors that really pop into your underwear repertoire. (And their basic black/white options are classy and comfy, too!)

[AJ]: For me Garcon underwear is a really great balance between comfort and style. I feel great when I wear them and I feel damn sexy when someone gets a peek of me in them.

[Dave]: And he looks it, too!

You wear their fun swimwear too. We have what we call the Swim Brief Challenge, every year to encourage guys to wear them. Why do you think more guys should wear them? 

[AJ]: Brief-cut swimsuits are the best. It’s a real shame Americans don’t wear them more often. For me, briefs allow me to be the most comfortable at the beach while also showing off my leg days at the gym – those aren’t easy work!

[Dave]: I’ll second that. Life is too short for baggy unflattering board shorts. And the GM swimsuits are the perfect remedy.

What is something our readers would be surprised to know about you guys? 

[AJ]: Well, many people are surprised when we tell them that we live in different cities (Boston and New York). People see our Instagram (@monkey_bizniss), which has pictures of us together all the time. But in reality we usually only get to see each other on the weekends. We actually started our Instagram account as a way to feel a bit closer to each other when we were apart and to motivate us to take pictures of activities and events when we were together.

[Dave]: The distance isn’t easy, but we take the good with the bad. Not getting to see each other every day has made us really value and protect the time that we do get to spend together.

In the pictures, you have done a lot of things, what has been the best thing you have done while representing Garcon Model?

[Dave]: We’ve been able to travel as official brand reps for some really fun events, like the Atlantis cruise this past January and the Winter Party festival in Miami in March.

[AJ]: Coming up, we have the Matinee Las Vegas event over Memorial Day. Expect to see some really fun pics from the water park!

What do you have planned for the future? (Any events, etc)

[AJ]: We love to travel and really enjoy going to events all over. This summer we will be in Vegas, New York, Boston, Ptown (our favorite!), maybe Fire Island, and possibly Barcelona.

[Dave]: And wherever we are, you can count on us rocking the GM brand. Look for us and say hi!

We’d love for you to answer a few rapid fire questions. These are just one-word answers or yes or no

Brief or bikini? Brief

Jock or thong? Jock!

Swim Brief or Trunk? Swim Brief

Beach or Mountains? Both!

City/Country you want to visit? Maldives

What are your date night undies? GM briefs!

What’s your best feature? [AJ]: Dave would probably say my butt 😉 [Dave]: AJ’s butt.

Oddest place you have been in undies? Our friends’ backyard after a big New England snowstorm. Brrrr!

Favorite Workout Undies? (Style) Jock straps 😉

Have you been recognized as the GM boys?  Ha! It’s starting to happen more and more. The first time it kind of caught us off guard, but now we really enjoy talking about the brand with new fans. If you see us out and about, you should say hi!

Where can our readers find you? 

Follow our adventures on Instagram at @monkey_bizniss, and also right on the @garcon_model page.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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