If you would have told me there would be a certain sector of guys who would go crazy over swim thongs. I would have thought you were crazy a few years ago. But over the last year, we have seen growth in the swim thong market. Not only from gay guys but straight guys. YES, straight guys are going suns out buns out for summer. We are reaching a point where underwear/swimwear is no longer gay. It’s for all guys.

Today we chose the JOR Sunny Swim thong. It’s going to be in our Swimwear Guide (we shot it yesterday) and available in solids and prints. One color it is available in is Fuchsia. I mean if you’re going to rock the thong why now announce it to everyone around! Say, you’re less included to shout it out they also have it in black and white. But really, wearing a thong on the beach will bring attention in the US.

JOR has been one of the companies that have embraced the swim thong. They have been making them in every collection for the last year or more. Each collection they seem to release more and more swim thongs. That means you guys are buying them and wearing them. I think we still have a ways to go to get more on the beach but hey, it’s a start.

If you want to try a swim thong. We think this pair will be an awesome first pair. It’s not too small or too big but just right. If you already wear a bikini why not take the next step and thong it on the beach or private pool! We say go for it and rock it proud

PAIR: Sunny Swim Thong 0427
COLORS: Black, Fuchsia, White, Grey Print, and Yellow Print
SIZES: Small  – XL
COST: $41.60

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I’ve yet to rock a thing swimsuit, BUTT these may be doable. My most adventurous straight buddy moved from bikini to thong swimsuit. I was surprised at the women looking at him with goo goo eyes; I would’ve thought they’d all be whispering in disbelief. Point being that I’m going to agree with you that we’ve finally see the line between gay/straight garments blur and. It sub a big deal. You got the body and packing the heat to make it look good, then I say go for it guys.

  2. I’m a straight guy and I tried a swim thong last summer. Amazing experience! On a hot day it feels great and you get an awesome tan. Highly recommend!

  3. Thanks for including thongs in your swimwear guide, more guys should wear them

    • UNBTim Reply

      Luckily we had a model who wanted to wear it. That’s the hard part most models have hard limits against thongs. But we are trying to find those who will wear them. This one did and requested it. Mainly we find guys in the adult industry are the guys most willing to wear them. Stay tuned for more

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