Bodyaware has been one of the leading companies in design for fun and fashion in men’s underwear since 1998. If you’re ready to shake up your underwear collection, Bodyaware has a new brief called the Poseidon. They are very similar to their Greek God Brief, except the back vertical seam is gathered. These new briefs are available now. I have not tried this pair of briefs yet, but they definitely are on my list of ones that I want to try.

The new Poseidon brief comes in red which is always sexy color or aqua which is a fun color. The front comfort pouch is seamless and the back is shaped and gathered with a vertical center seam to give you lift and contour for that perfect fit and nice looking back side.

The smooth and subtly sparkling glistenette fabric of nylon and spandex will slide over your skin like alabaster. With the majority of the material made of nylon the brief is going to be very breathable, which I think is essential for all underwear. The nylon material will make you feel like you’re almost wearing nothing and the spandex will give you that perfect fit but still give you movement to be able to wear them all day long. Guys can wear these briefs to the work, to sleep in, date night, or anywhere.

This pair of briefs is machine wash which is key for me; since I don’t have time to hand wash my briefs. The material is described of something that sounds silky smooth, but breathable. I also like the small waist band.

If you are ready to shake up your underwear collection with a pair that is made in the USA, you should get a pair of the Poseidon briefs. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I want to get a pair. They are available now. For more information or to order go to

  • BRAND: Bodyaware
  • PAIR: Poseidon Brief
  • COLORS: red or aqua
  • FABRIC: nylon & spandex
  • SIZES: S through 2XL
  • COST: $19.95 US
  • LINK:




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