The Intymen line is a creative collection of traditional and erotic pieces that combine basic fits with modern intimate design elements such as C-Rings, pouch enhancement hammocks and other fun ways of enhancement. Intymen features a large variety of designs from classic underwear briefs to thongs, butt-lifting boxer briefs, see through garments, jocks, and swimwear. The Intymen Slip Bikini is a new underwear release that caught my eye and I thought looked like something I would like to try.

The Slip Bikini comes in navy & green, turquoise & white, or white & orange. The front contoured pouch is broad for comfort and also enhances the visibility of the manhood. The sides are designed with subtle sheer fabric with the seamless back to keep everything under wraps.

The Intymen Slip Bikini is made of 85.5% Polyamide, &.69% Spandex, and 6.81% Polyester. With that combination of fabrics, this pair of underwear will be supple and soft that gives you a perfect fit, enhances what you have, and gives you the comfort to wear them all day long. Guys can wear these bikinis to work, to sleep in, date night, or anywhere.

What really caught my eye is the style and different colors used for the different panels. I really liked the overall look of this bikini. The fabrics that are used would be soft and form fitting to give yourself a sexy look and all-day comfort. I also like the small waistband.

If this pair of underwear looks alluring to you, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. They are available now. I haven’t tried these out yet, but I want to get a pair. For more information or to order go to

BRAND: Intymen

PAIR: Slip Bikini

COLORS: navy/green, turquoise/white, & white/orangeFABRIC: nylon & spandex

SIZES: S through XL

COST: $19.25 US



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