I’ll admit that, despite my self-proclaimed underwear obsession, I’ve never tried a jock thong. I love jockstraps because of the support and how they make my butt look, and I love thongs because of the sex appeal, but I’ve never really understood putting them together. Obviously, there’s something that guys like about them because they’re quickly becoming one of the more popular styles. More and more brands are starting to include them in their collections, such as heavy hitters Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, and PPU.

There are several positives that intrigue me about jock thongs. Of course, they’re perfect for when you want something skimpy, but they also add the uniqueness factor because they’re still not as mainstream as briefs or jockstraps. I like to workout wearing jockstraps, and I know several of my fellow writers enjoy wearing thongs while hitting the gym, so the jock brief would obviously work well in that setting. In addition, it’s an easy solution for when you can’t decide between a jockstrap or a thong. Personally, I like both the strap between my legs and the straps under my butt cheeks, so this would give me both feelings.

Looking at brands that offer jock thongs, there are several things I noticed. The pair from Jack Adams, consistently one of my favorite brands, features a roomy pouch and a thinner thong strap, which makes it good for those who still aren’t completely sold on thongs. PPU has many different types of jock thongs that are mostly provocative and feature many different types of straps in the back, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Andrew Christian, a brand I’m sure most are familiar with, has numerous lines that have a jock thong available. In my opinion, I’m most excited about trying these because I’m sure they’re comfortable like other pairs from Andrew Christian and can be worn for any occasion.

Really jock thongs sound like you’re getting the best of both worlds when you wear them. Jockstraps are great for accentuating the rear end, while thongs are great for showing off your package. The jock thong combines these two and gives you the perfect amount of lift everywhere. Overall, the jock thong seems like an interesting hybrid that I’m excited to try in the future.

Photo by Andrew Christian.



  1. I like thongs for the gym and running but never been a fan of jock thongs.

  2. I normally run in a jock under my shorts…. but since I moved to the high desert, I now regularly wear a jock thong. The reason is simple: moisture wicking. For what ever reason, I get really sweaty between the cheeks, and I find the jock thong helps move some of the moisture out. I discovered a secondary effect, my running partner notes that my form is better the days i’m wearing the jock thong — my back is straighter, I twist less when I’m running. I’m not sure why, but hey, what ever works. I suspect when it cools back off, I’ll be back to sloppier form and my standard jocks.

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