We are calling on our readers to share your experience wearing swim thongs. It could be the first time you wore them in public. Or, it could be a memorable experience while wearing them. Share your positive experiences while wearing them in public. Including encouragement from your significant other. Just fill out the form below.

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  1. I tried a swim thong earlier this summer. It was a super hot day and the beach I went to was pretty empty. I wore my swim thong under a pair of swim trunks and once I appeared to be all alone, I ditched the swim trunks. While I was laying in the sun a few people showed up but walked past me and left me alone. Definitely a scary experience at first, but it sure felt great getting a full body tan. I’ll definitely do it again if I can find a good spot.

  2. I wear a Joe Snyder swim thong practically everyday as underwear, absolutely love the fit, the feel, the look, etc. While on vacation at a gay resort with friends, we came back after having gone out to the clubs we decided to go in the pool. Instead of putting on my speedo, I decided to just wear my brand Joe Snyder swim thong that I was already wearing. I knew I was being looked at, in a good way, and it felt great. It felt great that the next night I wore another Joe Snyder and one of my friends also wore a swim thong in the pool!

  3. i try cocksox swim thong fort the first time this summer. i like to wear it at home or as underwear during a hot summer day. Cant wait for my vacation for trying in at the beach. . Swim thong is the best thing i wear for summer . verry light and confy

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