I”m running a bit behind on reporting the results. Coming down with Bronchitis for about two months made me not want to touch Excel to do the tabulations. There is still much more to do but here are the initial results. I hope you’re ready for an amazing slide show of graphs! Graphs are super exciting and sexy… NOT. But here is your peek in the other readers underwear drawers.

Most guys have 20-70 pairs in their collections. Which makes up about 50% of our readers. However, we have 21% who have 150 pairs or more. This number shows we have some underwear super fans!

How often do you guys buy underwear? The results are much of what I expected. It’s every few weeks to months almost ties every few months. Very few of you guys buy weekly.

How do you buy Underwear? Do you buy it on sale, at regular price? We are curious. Most of you buy a mix of on sale and at regular price. That’s the way I buy it. If it’s a pair or brand I really want or like. I will pay full price. Sales are important to you guys but not the only factor.

What is your favorite style to wear? This year we gave you a few options to choose from. Again the briefs and bikinis rank as the top two pairs. However, thongs have come up big this year and is a close third. If this keeps up they will overtake bikinis. Also, Jocks were high on the list. It surprised me it was so high.

What do you wear on a regular basis? This is what do you wear and what’s in your collection. It almost mirrors the one above. The boxer brief is higher in this than favorite styles. But Briefs still are the top style.

Do you wear more than one pair a day? 44% of you guys said you do. We will be talking more about this in a future post. We asked why you do or do not wear more than one pair a day.

Who Influences your buying decisions? I’m happy to see Underwear blogs. We try to expose you to new brands and styles. But Brands from emails and significant other rounds our the top 3. I’m a little surprised that reviews didn’t rank higher.

Has UNB influenced your buying decisions? This is something we have heard anecdotally but not directly from readers at large. It was great to see that 75% of you said we influence what you buy. We will go into more detail soon and hope to keep influencing you guys.

Where do you buy your underwear? We changed up this question this year. Instead of asking you on a scale we just wanted to know which you shop. Most of you shop online via an online store or brand site. They were by in large the two biggers. Also you guys like discount sites like Cheapundies. The department store number was higher than I remember. But you can get some good undies there.

Have you ever worn a swim brief? You guys really are taking the UNB Swim Brief Challenge. The number is going up. More of you say you wear them all the time. Also, more say you wear them at private pools. And coming in third were guys who want to wear them. We are going to continue this and share great swimwear with you.

What swimwear do you wear? Most of you wear trunks and shorts. While over 1/4 wear swim briefs. We are glad only 19% wear board shorts. We are accomplishing out goal. Also, more are wearing swim thongs.

What type of models do you want to see. Most want to see a mix of real, up and coming and professional odels. While a big group want to see real guys. We are working on that more and more. This has remained unchanged in the last few years.

What challenges do you face loving undies? This is changing more are reporting none. It seems slowly the world of men’s underewar is becoming something that is normal.

Lastly, what fetishwear do you guys like? Most like spandex and singlets, followed by leather and Lingerie or lace. We will cover these more this year. But we want to hear from you guys when we do!

Here are the overall results. We hope you enjoy this look at your fellow UNB’ers underwear drawer.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


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